Monday, July 1, 2013

My Frugal Plans For the Week:

1.  Frugal Meals:

I purchased 2 packs of chicken breasts that were 99 cents per pound at Food Lion, which ended up being six large pieces.  On Sunday afternoon I put them all into the oven.  Three in one pan were barbecued and the other three in another pan were roasted.   I used 1/2 bottle of Kraft BBQ sauce bought on sale for 99 cents, with a 50 cent coupon, so this added about 25 cents to the cost.

The pieces are so large that I cut each one in half and, after its all said and done, there will be twelve servings of chicken.  That's not bad for about $7.00.   Cooking all of it at one time saved electricity and time.  So I think this qualifies as a very frugal thing.

As one more frugal use of this chicken, I poured the broth and drippings from the roasted chicken pan in to a saucepan and added water.  I cooked some rice in this and made a delicious side dish for the chicken.   Last night's supper was roast chicken, rice and I opened a can of "Grillin Beans" bought on sale with coupon.

Very rich chicken broth, too good to pour down the drain!

I put enough of the BBQ chicken in the fridge for one more meal this week and froze the rest.  The date and kind of chicken was written down on my list of possible meals that lays on the counter.  It'll be wonderful to simply take out a couple pieces of chicken, and make a couple of simple side dishes on a busy night after work.

2.  CVS:

The best deals I see will cost me $1.70 out of pocket and earn $12.00 extrabucks for next week:

Dial Soap, 3 pk, $2.00 Buy 2, Use $1.00 coupon off two (earns $2.00 extrabucks)

Planters Peanuts 16 oz,  $3.00, Less $1.00 coupon (earns $1.00 extrabucks)

Renu Contact Lens Solution:  $7.99, Less $2.00 coupon, less $2.00 off Any Contact Lens Solution (printed at CVS machine) (earns $5.00 extrabucks)

Schick Hydro 5 Razor, $9.99, Less $10 off any Schick Hydro 5 Razor  (printed at CVS machine)  (earns $4.00 extrabucks)

2 bottles of Kraft BBQ sauce = $2.00, less $1.00 off two, makes them both $1.00

2 boxes of Nabisco crackers at 99 cents, less $1.00 off two, makes them both 98 cents.

1 2 ltr Diet Pepsi 99 cents, less 25 cents coupon (print out at CVS machine) makes it 74 cents.

Total = $11.70, Less $10.00 extra bucks left from last week= $1.70 out of pocket.

Get back $12.00 extrabucks for next week!!!

3.  Storing the stock pile:

From our CVS/FoodLion stock pile, we were able to give our son a care package over the weekend.  This consisted of a large bottle of laundry detergent, a full size toothpaste, a travel size toothpaste, floss, large bottle of body wash and 2 rolls of toilet paper.  I'm sure that if he bought these things at full price they would have cost at least $20.00.   I think our cost was around $4.00.

CVS stash stored among the pickles!
I have a little story about my CVS stockpile.  When we first moved to the farmhouse in 2010, I stored some of the shampoos and body washes that I bought, free standing on the shelf above the washer and dryer.  Right beside the dryer is the hot water heater.  Some of the bottles were knocked over and they fell behind the water heater.  I COULD NOT GET THEM OUT!  So a large bottle of Men's Nivea Body Wash and a large bottle of Head and Shoulders shampoo have been stuck back there for 3 years.  Friday afternoon I just couldn't stand it any more, and I decided to try to get them out, just one more time.  It was a very hard job, but I finally got them out!   I now make sure that anything that could fall behind the hot water heater is stored in a plastic bin so that they can't be knocked over!


Debby said...

What GREAT deals!! I love having a fully stocked kitchen and bathroom, saves so much money. Cooking ahead...sounds like more time to sew for you right? Ha

Susannah said...

When I come to your blog it is a real learning experience. I often times cook extra to save for other meals.

Rhonda Sue said...

I am going to look at the cvs ad again. I didn't think there was anything good on sale but seeing your list has me reconsidering.

I dropped a bottle of water in the garage and it rolled under the car. I think it is good no one was filming as we got those bottles from tight spots :)

Little Penpen said...

You've really got that CVS thing down pat. I stopped subscribing to the newspaper and always forget to pick up a paper on Sunday. I have an area that things fall behind, too. And that area rarely gets cleaned!! Good work on the chicken!

Auntie M said...

I need a CVS shopping lesson - or - maybe I should just re-read your shopping blogs. Whew!! How much you save, Girl!!!!

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