Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Approval Junkie...

Are you an Approval Junkie?

I think I am.  I love to get complements, feedback and yes... blog comments.  But, if I have done my best on a meal, blog post, or quilt, do I really need to be told?

Yes, to a certain extent, but shouldn't I be secure enough not to care?

On a more significant level, what about my daily life?  Am I trying to please my fellow man, or my God?

I was already thinking about this subject when I was looking through my weekly devotional book "Encouraging Words for a Discouraged World", yesterday.  I chose this topic as my study for the week.

Constantly seeking the approval of others, whether or not it agrees with my own convictions, is crazy. 

I like to think that I am a peace maker and a peace lover.  I do hate controversy!  But, I should be able to stand up for my beliefs without worrying about what others think and trying to please them. 

Of course, some approval is healthy and needed!  Why would I keep trying, if everybody hated my efforts? 

Reputation is an important thing, but its time for me to stop worrying about what "so and so will think".  Only God knows what is in my heart and therefore, only He can judge me.

Meanwhile, my hubby should be relieved that I am trying not to ask him three times during every meal, "Is it good?  Don't you like it?"  


Meggie said...

I agree with your thoughts of standing up for what you believe. It is becoming more and more difficult to say anything in mixed group situations.
By the way, I LOVE your post today. How is that for approval...

Rita said...

You made me smile this morning. Asking husband many times if he liked the meal. I think we just want to please those we love. For me you have the best blog ever. I can decide to do to many things and get big ideas and nothing gets done. You help me by showing pictures of what you have done, how nice it looks and how I can keep it smaller and it is still wonderful!

Debby said...

I have added that book to my must have list!!! I think the approval thing is a lady deal. My hubby could care less what others think. I on the otherhand do worry myself to death over our kids, grands, hubby, family and friends sometimes if I am doing it right or good enough. Wonderfull post!!

Auntie M said...

Debbie, this is a good post. Even though we try to always do what is the right thing (as we see it), we certainly need affirmation.

An "atta' Girl" is great!

Donna said...

You do a great job on your blog, and I suspect, a great job in your life.
I have enjoyed your blog for a long time. I have make your clothes pin bag from your tutorial and some of your quilt blocks. I am surprised that no one mentioned your boo boo on the quilt square you posted. I am sure you did that on purpose, I thought it was quite "right for this post".
Blessings to you

Terri said...

This is a huge stumbling block for me. I find that if there is silence on my blog or in my life that I immediately start to feel inadequate. BLAH! I want to change this so thank you for the reminder!

Little Penpen said...

I like affirmation too. With those around me, I usually know if they like something. But I catch myself asking my husband if he likes what I've cooked too. LOL I agree that everything we do should be done only to please God and everything else will fall into place. Enjoyed this post!

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