Thursday, July 4, 2013

A couple of Fourth of July Deals....

Happy Fourth of July to everyone!

Here are a couple of deals I thought I'd share.

1.  Avon online has free shipping on any size order. BE SURE to put the code JULYFS in the space for coupon codes.  I almost didn't change the code to the free ship code before finishing the order, which would have been very sad.

  Lip balms are on sale for 69 cents, so I ordered a few for Christmas stocking stuffers.  I hate to pay shipping when I can get a similar item at a store, so I enjoyed looking over the site for sale items.  I ended up spending less than 10 dollars and paid for that with my Pine Cone Research survey money that was in my Paypal Account.

I bought 9 of the flavored lip glosses and 3 of the Kids' bath body paint.  These will go into my gift box to be saved until Christmas.  Although, if my grandson spends the night with us between then and now, I may cave and give him the bath paint to use while he is here.... 

2.  Food Lion Coupons.  If you are on Food Lion's email list they will send you coupons every week.  The great thing about it is that they are often good for things like meat and produce.  I love those kinds of coupons.   But, you don't have to subscribe to the email to get the coupons. 

 HERE is a link to this week's coupons

My favorites this week are:

50 cents off any condiment.  I looked up the definition of condiment, and this could include many items that would end up being free after using a 50 cent coupon.  Isn't salt a condiment?  Anyway, even if you used it on mustard or ketchup, it would be a good deal.  I may use it toward mayonnaise.

$2.00 off $5.00 purchase of meat.  This is an awesome coupon!  Use it toward meat that is on sale or marked down and it really makes a good deal.

Just think, after today, all the back to school sales and summer clearance sales will start!  Fall is on the horizon....


Auntie M said...

Thank you, Debbie. I just printed the coupons.

May you have a great day. I hope that Hubby does not have to work long hours today,but I know that it is the height of his company's season.

Denise said...

THanks for the heads up, almost out of bronzer from Avon. Hope you had a great Fourth of July, we had some of you temperatures here today!

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