Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mama's Vintage Treasures -Teapots

These two teapots have been a part of my Mama's home for a very long time. They doubled as decoration and as a storage place for receipts. She would stick store receipts, especially at Christmas time, in there in case they were needed later on.   We never drank hot tea at our house and to this day I don't care for it at all!  But sweet iced tea is always welcome.

The white one with the blue flower is the oldest.  I remember it as a child and I know anything I remember as a child is old (grinning).  The other one must have came later.  I'm not sure where either of them came from.  The doily they are sitting on was made by my Grandmother.


Auntie M said...

I have one of our Mother's teapots.
She used them often to make iced
tea. The one I have was a wedding
gift to her and our Daddy. It has some chips, but I still love it.
Remind me next time you are here, and I will show it to you and Hubby.

Little Penpen said...

My mama used to have a tea pot collection. I"m sure she still has it, somewhere. There may be some still in the kitchen that I don't even notice now....is that right, mom? (I'm sure she will see this) LOL

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