Monday, June 24, 2013

Baby Sewing! Crinkly Tag Toys, Burp Cloths and a Quilt....

Some really cute baby sewing has been going on at the farmhouse!

For Grandson Walt, a crinkly taggie blankie toy.  I used scraps of flannel from a blanket I remember making over 5 years ago for a nephew.  I have lots of ribbon in my stash for the tags  The crinkle noise comes from a piece  of a potato chip bag on the inside!  I'll show you how I did that in a later post this week.

This one doesn't have the crinkle on the inside, but is soft and has the ribbon tags for him to play and cuddle with.

For Grandson Eli, the "best ever burp cloths".

This one is really big, but that's the size piece of flannel I found in the remnant bin at Joann's and I saw no reason to cut it smaller.  These burp cloths are so soft and feel nice on your shoulder, against your neck and for the baby's face.

I tried to get a little fancy and quilted a star in this "I love grandma" one.

I finished the Pinwheels and Prairie Points quilt for my Etsy Shop.

And these monkey burp cloths are for sale also.

Its back to work for me after a wonderful weekend of sewing. Have a great Monday.

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Little Penpen said...

Your machine has been humming away! I made a little tag blanket for Avery when he was a baby and I enjoyed watching his little fingers play with the tags. Sweetness!

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