Monday, April 22, 2013

Farmhouse Gardening....

Spring fever has hit here and every spare moment has been spent trying to put the winter yard back into spring and summer shape.

I love this little wheel barrow my hubby gave me several years ago. This year I put some purple pansies and Mexican Heather in it.

Lots of my perennials have not come back this year, but I spotted this Bleeding Heart blooming.  Its small, but alive.

I planted green beans, bell pepper, radishes, cucumbers, a grape tomato and some marigolds in this raised bed.  I will put down some kind of mulch once the plants come up.

The cucumbers will run up the trellis and posts at the end.

A tomato plant in a big pot.

More purple flower goodness.

That must have been a big bird that left that feather!

I planted my annual Zinnias here.

I am doing some landscape vegetable gardening and so there are squash planted here along with the flowers.

I'm working on this little area.  The roses are in memory of Mama.  They are pink double knockouts.

One little bud about to open.

I have a new Rosemary plant that I will pot up and add to this area.  I read that Rosemary is for remembrance of a loved one.

The weather this week is back to cooler than normal.  That's good and bad.  Good because the transplants won't wilt as much.  Bad because it is about 40 degrees outside this AM and I think they probably don't like that either!


Terri said...

I love all your little garden spots, Debbie. When everything is in full bloom, it's going to be beautiful!

Pen Pen said...

Everything is so pretty, Debbie. Your zinnia garden is gonna be sweet!

Auntie M said...

Whew!!! You and hubby got a lot accomplished!. I love the details about your yard.

Our azaleas are in full bloom. Our
area out front is ready for the tomatoes, but we are not free of frost yet. Maybe I will do a pepper and a cucumber or so.

A little later, some annuals.

ancient one said...

When it cools down, I get back under the quilt on the couch. If it gets warm enough, I'll go check on my plants tomorrow... LOL Your's are going to be so pretty.. I love your red chair all planted up...

Debby said...

What beautiful spots you have planted :)

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

What cute gardens! I love that wheelbarrow your husband built for you.I'll have to ask my husband if he can build me one - so cute!

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