Thursday, March 28, 2013

Signs of Life...

It sure doesn't feel like Spring will ever start acting like Spring, but you can't fool Mother Nature.

Here are a few signs of life I found in our farmhouse yard.

Bluebirds! They are nesting in the polka dotted birdhouses. I took these two pictures out the kitchen window with the zoom. They are sitting on a limb of the "chainey ball" tree which is right above the birdhouses.

This little guy seems to be saying, "Where's the seed lady!".

Some herbs peeking through the leaves and debris in the shade garden.  I've forgotten the name of this plant, but it comes back every year and has a wonderful scent when touched.

The birds are so fat around here.  No need to really feed them I guess.

Deer prints.

The farmers disced up the grass in the back field, leaving green strips.  Hubby thinks they are maybe going to plant tobacco there this year.  I'd much rather they plant watermelons, cotton, sweet potatoes..... or ANYTHING BESIDES TOBACCO.   But, it will not be my choice.

Bird fight! 

Blue Skies!

Happy Easter!


Pen Pen said...

Pretty pic's. I love the country. I even enjoy seeing tobacco in the fields, as we don't see much of that in the piedmont. When I see the tobacco fields, I know I'm almost home. :)

ancient one said...

Loved the bird pics... and as blue as that sky is I know it is not warm out there...LOL

Alexandra S said...

I know you dislike that tabacco from working the fields as a child. I hope they plant something else for your sake! I love seeing cotton fields.

JoannaTopazT said...

I' ve been noticing fat birds and bunnies around here, too. I've wondered if they're heavy due to the new crop of spring babies and eggs soon to arrive.

Auntie M said...

Neat post, Girlfriend. I believe that the herb that comes back each year and smells good is mint. It might be peppermint or spearmint or any number of others. I have some in a pot. In some locations, it will spread like wildfire.

AMEN on the tobacco. However, it sent me through school.

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