Friday, March 22, 2013

Country Eating!

Some recent good ole country eating took place at our house!

Cabbage soup with small pieces of air dried sausage:

There is a country store in town that sells country foods like collards, turnips, and air dried sausage.  When you go in, the sausage is hanging on a rack, not refrigerated.  I bought 2 pounds.

Cabbage is on sale this time of year so we bought one and I made my cabbage soup.  This is so healthy and good for you because its made up mostly of cabbage and tomatoes. 

I also bought some raw peanuts there that we parched in the oven.  These sat on the counter all week.  Very convenient for someone to snack on.  You just put your peanut hulls at one end to keep them separate.

The only thing missing from this country food was some hoop cheese.  Maybe next time.


Pen Pen said...

I haven't seen air dried sausage in years!! We usually buy a box of fresh country sausage when we go down east to bring back with us. Can't find it in the piedmont. :(

Auntie M said...

Air dried sausage must have reminded your hubby of Tom Thumb
which our father made. Ask him!!

Can you share the recipe for the cabbage soup? Do not believe I have ever made it, although we eat right much cabbage.

Rhonda said...

I've never heard of air dried sausage, your food looks delicious!

Alexandra Sweatt said...

Yummy! :)

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