Friday, December 7, 2012


There has been some sewing going on lately at my house.

I posted this quilt on my quilting blog last week, so forgive me if you've already seen it. This is my winter quilt that was made from the Bloggers' Block of the Month series I worked on all year.

Here are a couple of special ordered clothespin bags I shipped this week.

I am enjoying working in my sewing room lately.  I know its getting late, but I still want to make some handmade Christmas gifts.  I've been brainstorming and searching the internet for ideas.  I'm going to experiment some this weekend with fleece projects.  Also, key fobs are quick and easy for stocking stuffers.

I hope your Friday and weekend are blessed!


Terri said...

I love that quilt, especially the fabric on the back. Beautiful work!

Impera_Magna said...

Wow... how lovely your quilt is! And that is the perfect backing for it! Congratulations on a great finish!

You've been busy lately... hope you're close to finishing all your Christmas projects!

Rhonda said...

beautiful quilts are still beautiful whether I see them once or twice or a hundred times.
you do amazing quilting.

and I have that same chicken fabric, I did not buy it but it was some of my "angel" fabric as you call it.

hope you get lots of sewing done this weekend- not me, we have Jeff's family coming.

Debby said...

Beautiful quilt!!!! Good luck with your sewing this weekend, I am almost done with my Christmas sewing, oh sew close

Auntie M said...

What a beautiful quilt. And, I, too, love the reverse. The blocks are wonderful, and I remember them.

Take care of Hubby and Happy Sewing!!

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