Friday, December 14, 2012

My Farmhouse Kitchen at Christmas

I like down to earth, country, farmhouse-ey type Christmas decorations. Especially handmade ones.  Here are a few glimpses of my attempt at this in the kitchen.

This primitive wreath with the added "Wish" star hangs on the door between the dining room and living room.  After Christmas I will just take the Wish star off and the wreath will be perfect for Winter. 

I tied a scrap of fabric on this slightly rusty grater, placed red kitchen utensils in the white pitcher, and replaced the autumn scene in the wooden tray with a piece of Christmas fabric.

These Christmas coffee mugs are waiting for the coffee to finish brewing.  The red one is mine and the brown one is Hubby's.  He really prefers his NC State mug, but humors me a little on this one.   I Love my pumpkin spice or peppermint mocha creamer, especially this time of year.   Hubby just wants a splash of 2% milk in his coffee, but I need my flavors and sugar!  After the holiday flavors are a thing of Christmas past, I will return to the fat free hazelnut.

A handmade table runner with another of the wooden trays containing handmade cloth Christmas napkins.   We really do use the napkins and hardly EVER buy paper towels or paper napkins.  I do need paper towels sometimes for certain messes, but just not on a daily basis.

This little basket contains some handmade Christmas coasters.

The dishtowel drawer takes on a whole new style this time of year.  I love to switch over to these Christmas ones for a couple of weeks each year.   The red checked and plaid ones stay there year round, but I temporarily stored the other colored ones.

I enjoy having some Christmas dishes along with my standard thrift store white dishes on display on this wooden dish rack. I don't dry dishes on it, but its so convenient to just grab a plate, mug or glass off it when we are "fixin our plates"! I place the Christmas mugs and a few short Christmas glasses on the side part.

So far I have only scattered a few Christmas things around the house, but haven't put up a tree yet. Maybe this weekend.  I love a few cozy decorations like Christmas quilts, flags outside, a wreath, and the kitchen things in this post. But I don't like to decorate every single possible corner. Just not enough time and money for all that.


Terri said...

I love your decorations! I thought I was the only one who owned a rusty grater. ;-) I'm like you and just add a few touches here or there.

Donna said...

Your kitchen looks cozy and inviting for Christmas. I like your decorating and know I'd enjoy having a cup of coffee in one of those mugs.
Merry Christmas, dear friend, Donna

Pen Pen said...

Beautiful Debbie... I love the table runner with your napkin box on it. If I didn't have dogs, we could prob. cut back on paper towels too....but unfortunately, I buy more paper towels now than I ever have in my life!!! And the thing about putting out so much Christmas stuff for me, is that it has to come down again in a few short weeks!! LOL Not worth the effort for me!

Impera_Magna said...

So beautiful and so festive! Would love to share a cuppa coffee and visit with you in your Christmas kitchen!

Auntie M said...

Hey, Girl. What a neat post. You give me ideas. We have several items up in the public part of the house - wreaths, glasses, plates,
a pot holder or two.

We also have fresh garland around the front door and a giant fresh wreath with gold ribbon on the gable end of the house. Never put up our tree until the 15th or later.

You really look ready for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and peaceful. :) xx

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