Monday, October 15, 2012

Organizing My Shoes

I'm continuing on with my organization of the house and doing really well. 

This over the door shoe organizer bag in the closet is working really well for me.  It gets the shoes off the floor and where I can see them better when getting dressed in the morning. 

Maybe I won't wear one brown shoe and one black shoe like I did one day back in the summer!

When I find a comfortable pair of shoes at a good price, I will usually buy a brown pair and a black pair.  Then for that season, whether it be summer or winter, most of the time I wear those two pairs of shoes depending on if I'm wearing brown or black on a particular day.

I recently started wearing shoes with socks, instead of sandals because of the cooler weather.  I separated my socks according to color and type in the lower pockets.  So, when getting dressed I can see the dress brown or black socks, or the casual thicker socks by color.

Having my shoes off the floor makes the closet look so much nicer and its easier to vacuum or dustmop in there.


Terri said...

I need to get one of those, though I own only a couple of pairs of shoes. My problem is right inside the front door where everyone takes off their shoes. What a mess!

Rita said...

I really like this and since I'm getting ready to move I can pick one of these up as I shop. Thanks for this idea. :)

Auntie M said...

This is a great idea. I have re-gretted many times that all of our closet doors are bi-fold shutter doors. Therefore, shoe bags do not work. Believe I will try one on bedroom doors.

You are surely an organized lady!

Debby said...

great idea, shoes on the floor make me nuts too.

Jill said...

Oh good idea I think I might try it for mine and my kids. Thanks for sharing!

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