Friday, September 14, 2012

Gift Ideas - Personality Bookmarks

I got the inspiration for these bookmarks on the Prudent Homemaker Blog HERE.

This idea appealed to me because I felt like it was a very personal gift and cost very little.

I've heard that the sound of one's own name is a beautiful thing. So I thought having your name on a bookmark with lots of nice and interesting things about you would be nice.

I used different fonts on the computer I use at work. Can you believe I still use Word Perfect 6 and not Word! I still like it, even though its out of date and eventually won't work any more. Anyway, you can use fonts from any word processing program.

I already had a package of card stock from several years ago.

I bought a roll of transparent shelf liner to cover them with. I also borrowed a paper cutter from work and used a hole puncher I had for the hole.

The tassels are made from embroidering thread.

These are just a small gift I plan to include in some Christmas gifts this year. They could even be used as a gift tag.

*****Personal Notes

Mama is back in the hospital and has been there for a week. She has had a mild case of pneumonia for a while that had been treated with antibiotics in the nursing home. But, it was getting worse, so they transferred her to the hospital to get an antibiotic through an IV. She is slightly better, but not able to return to the nursing home yet.

Making the personality book marks got me to thinking: What would people put on a bookmark about me? I hope that I live my life in a way that it would be good things! I hope they wouldn't put things like: irritable, procrastinates, lazy, hateful, etc. LOL Of course, when I was brain storming for ideas to go on the ones I made, I avoided any undesirable personality traits that came to mind. But, everybody has some!

What would go on your bookmark this morning?


Impera_Magna said...

What a fun idea for a small gift! ...or gift tag! ...or to include with a gift of a book!

Prayers continuing for your dear mother....

Debby said...

Prayers for your Mom that she will get better soon!!! Love the bookmark Idea, I will be sharing this with our DD's who are teachers. Wouldn't this be a nice Christmas gift from a teacher? Thanks for the great idea!!!! Humm... here is what I hope would not be on a bookmark for me "She doesn't shave her legs very often, eats too many sweets and growls like a dog sometimes"

Granny said...

The bookmarks are such a great idea. I'm going to borrow it. If I were making a bookmark about you it would include the words, kind, compassionate, crafty, caring and thoughtful.

I pray daily for your mama. It's so hard to see a loved one ill.

Pen Pen said...

Glad mom is doing better. Does her nursing home not provide IV therapy?

I love the bookmarks... I would hate to see my bookmark if my family made it for me. LOL "lazy, sleepy, cynical, loves her dogs too much, sarcastic..."

I would want mine made by a stranger, for sure! ha ha

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,
So very clever. I will continue to pray for your mama.

Lyn said...

Those are a sweet idea for a gift. I bet they will be special to the recipients. I'm sorry to hear your mama is having a hard time with other ailments. Hope she feels better soon.

Auntie M said...

We continue to pray for Mama Alice.

The bookmarks are a clever idea.
They are a wonderful idea for gifts.

One for you would read things like
Loving, Caring, Crafty (the good crafty),Family-oriented, Thrifty,
Persistent, and a Blessing to our family.

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