Friday, August 31, 2012

Etsy Shop Sale and Swagbucks

Hello there and happy Friday!

I have placed most of the items in my Etsy Shop on an End of Season Sale. If you need a clothespin bag, grocery bag or purse, CLICK HERE.

Its time to clear out some items so I can start restocking for Fall, Winter and Christmas!

Also, if you decide to sign up for Swagbucks, I would appreciate your referral. By CLICKING HERE, or on the Swagbucks link on my side bar, you can sign up and the link will automatically give me credit for your referral.

But, just signing up isn't enough. Once you sign up, be sure to use the Swagbucks website for your search engine, because not only do you earn points, I will earn the same number of points up to 1000.

I always use my swagbucks to buy $5.00 Amazon Gift Cards. Right now, I'm up to $45.00.

I will warn you that this is not a get rich quick proposition. It takes time and patience. But, Its just one of the small ways that I earn a little extra spending money. And, hey, we are all searching for things on the internet anyway, so why not earn a $5.00 Amazon Gift Card while we are at it?

I don't like to push these kinds of things too much on my blog, so I hope you don't mind the occasional post. There's no pressure of any kind. I'm happy just to have you reading my blog!


Granny said...

If you've never checked out Swagbucks, I encourage you to. I signed up through Debbie a couple of years ago and have been getting amazon gift cards for buying Christmas gifts.

Ruth said...

Gotta love swagbucks! Like you, I only buy Amazon cards with my bucks.

Happy Friday to you, too! :)

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