Monday, April 23, 2012

Frugal Eating From the Pantry - Week 2

I guess you could call this Menu Planning in reverse! Here's what we ate this past week. We are continuing on with eating from the pantry and freezer.

Meal One: I often try to cook home made meals for my mother to eat in the nursing home. So, last Sunday while I lay in bed before day, I thought about what I could cook and decided to cook just what Mama would have cooked if she were able. For many years we ate almost every Sunday dinner at my mother's, along with other siblings and their children. She always, always, managed to go to church and put a huge meal on the table.

Fried chicken, potato salad, butter beans, bow tie pasta cooked in chicken broth, dressing. We ate this for two days, including some lunches for work.

Meals Two, Three and Four:

There was a large bag of boiled chicken in the freezer that I had planned to use in a chicken casserole or pot pie. Since we have been concentrating on using what is in the freezer, this was the only meat we had left. I placed it on a plate in the fridge to thaw and when I got home Tuesday night I heated the chicken in a frying pan by sauteing it in a little olive oil.

From this is I made: 1. Chicken Fried Rice; 2. Green salads with chicken; 3. chicken salad.

Meal Five: Ok, enough chicken!!! I splurged at the grocery store and picked up 2 small chuck eye steaks for about $5.00, which hubby browned in a frying pan. We had salad and baked potatoes with the steaks. This was WAY less expensive than going out to eat and was delicious.

EXTRA: I made pound cakes Friday night.


Terri said...

Great job, Debbie! I've been trying to do this more and it really is a great way to use up your freezer items and save money too.

Denise said...

Sounds like some delicious meals from the pantry......I have meat in the freezer and often forget that it's in there! The strawberries look delicious, jealous that you have them already, we will have to wait until July!

Auntie M said...


Auntie M said...

I should have told you in the earlier comment that we had chicken several times last week, too. I bought a rotisserie baked
chicken at Lowe's Foods. It really provides many meals for the two of us - or for guests,as well.

Meggie said...

You have made me hungry for butter beans.....and dressing!

Pen Pen said...

Sunday's meal sounds like my kind of meal. I want to know more about the pasta cooked in chicken broth and your dressing. Sounds wonderful!!

Lyn said...

Good southern cooking there! Sounds so good. Your mama is amazing to have cooked every Sunday like that for so many years. I'm glad you have those special memories.

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