Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Ultimate Lunch Box

My hubby recently asked me, "How much would you charge me to make a lunch bag that this plastic shoe box will fit in, and can you use watermelon fabric?" Well, of course I could make such a bag, and at no cost too!

I quilted the panels for the bag which gives the lunch box natural insulation.

This plastic shoe box fits in the bottom and there is a pocket the right size to hold a pack of nabs, fork and spoon, or what ever needs to go in there. He can either put cold items in the fridge at work or put one of those frozen thingies in the plastic shoe box to keep the items cold.

The shoebox can be taken out and washed and the quilted tote can be washed and dried too.

There is room for him to carry a notebook or other things he might need to take to work with him. The notebook can slide right in beside the shoebox.

Its always a joy to make items for a loved one!


Auntie M said...

What a neat idea, Debbie - and, well executed, too! Hubby will really enjoy toting his lunch and 'stuff' in this bag. It is so appropriate for his work place, too.

Impera_Magna said...

Very cool... both the lunch tote and that your DH wanted you to make it for him!


Susan said...

Very nice, and pretty neat that he asked you to make it for him! I had to smile when you said room for a pack of nabs. The only place I've ever heard that term for a pack of crackers is in NC! ;) Makes me think of my Honey's grandparents!

Anonymous said...

How cool Debbie. You are so smart.
Have a wonderful day.

Rhonda said...

very cute Debbie. But why did your husband want watermelon fabric?

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