Thursday, March 8, 2012

In A Little Spring Mood

In an effort to lighten up the dining area I switched the light fixture shades from the dark burgundy colored ones to these light ones.

I love my fall colored runner with its fruit design, but it was time to lighten up that area too. I found some spring fabric in my stash and made a new one. I don't especially like it, but it didn't cost anything and if I round up some fabric that I like better I can just whip up a new one and put this one back into the fabric stash to be used for something else.

Some pretty pink tulips would be nice in this pitcher and would go nicely with the runner.

Yesterday after work I planted a few pansies in a couple of pots just to give the yard a little more color. They will last until hot weather hits which means they should be blooming for about 3 more months.

Maybe this weekend I can replace a few more fall and winter things with more spring touches.


lily said...

I love your touches of Spring around your home Debbie, the table runner is lovely.........I went fabric shopping in our little town today and found some fabric I think you'd like............spring inspired chicken I just need to find the time to use it. x

Anonymous said...

How pretty Debbie.
I am starting to add bits of sping around here too.
Have a wonderful day.

Rita said...

I like your light colored shades on your light fixture. I think I might put a black iron fixture in my dining room. The way it looks is really nice.

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