Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Heading Home

When I was making our daily pot of morning half-decaf coffee today I looked out the kitchen window seeing mostly darkness, a little fog, a car or truck headlight or two, lights in distant neighbors' windows and the above items.

The picture is one of my favorites simply because its title is "Heading Home". The Amish horse and wagon is heading down the path to home. There is a winter landscape and a barn quilt on the barn.

The picture gives me a bittersweet feeling. I head home as often as I can and I'm never there enough. But, after all, aren't we all heading home in a more permanent sense?

The plants, chicken and snowman/star round out my daily view. In the daytime I look beyond these items to see fields which change with the seasons. Its not unusual to see some deer foraging for food. The bird feeders and birdhouses also provide some entertainment.

What do you see out your kitchen window?

I hope you are safely heading home today!


Rita said...

Just love this post. I wonder if you are walking down the road that I did the last years. My mother was sick for a long time and although I loved taking care of her and loved her, I eventually was exhausted to the core. I was working too. I just retired and my mother just passed at age 81. I am at peace now. I get to be in my home and organize the messes that I need to. Although I think you do a fabulous job of keeping things done. This post that you sent made me again realize how much comfort our homes give to us. The first few months I retired I tried to keep up the same pace and now I have settled into being at home as much as possible. I washed and ironed fabric yesterday. I'll pray that your days become easier. You always inspire me to get things done. My bird feeders are empty. :) I'll fill them today. Blessings to you and yours.

Pen Pen said...

Your picture is so pretty; there is truly a lot of thought behind "heading home". Yes, we are all heading home! What do I see from my kitchen window? An overgrown Japanese maple tree. The previous owners planted it in the landscaping and it's pretty as long as it is kept cut back, but it grows so rapidly, that we have a hard time keeping it cut back. As pretty as it is, I think it may have to go this year! Then, I can at least see the road in front of my house. :-) Love your snowman star!

Rhonda said...

I like that "Heading Home" picture. Appreciated this post very much. I see our back yard from our kitchen window, including one of my favorite things, my clothesline. :)

ancient one said...

Loved the picture. I could read double meanings all through this post today. Making all of us think. When I look out my kitchen window I see my back porch and my back yard. I see lots of things that need to be done. Sill have downed trees that someone is cutting into firewood today. I see my husband's work barn and lots of old lawnmowers.

Susannah said...

I love your thoughts behind "heading home'. Makes me give it some serious thought! Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,
I love the picture. Out my window I see that back yard.LOL
How are things with your mama?

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