Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Early Morning, Early Fall

I was enjoying an early fall morning recently. It was hovering between mist and fog. The outdoors isn't looking like fall yet, but the summer look is fading. The transition from summer to fall can be seen in the fields as the farmers finish up their harvests. I've seen some tobacco fields that haven't even begun to be "cropped". I would think the farmers are feeling a sense of urgency to get all the crops out of the fields before the temperatures begin to dip lower in October.

It'll only be a couple of months before this Thanksgiving Cactus that has been spending the summer outside will be blooming.

Before first frost I will cut back this Mandevilla and overwinter it in the house.

Our one lone pine tree with the mailbox in the background.

We have been regularly seeing deer gleaning the corn in this recently harvested cornfield.

A few Crape Myrtle blooms are lingering on these trees.

I hope to be observant of the changes that will be occurring in the upcoming months outdoors.


Impera_Magna said...

It's going to really feel like fall with the much cooler temps this weekend... I think fall is my favorite season of the year!

Rhonda said...

Enjoyed your photos! I'm looking forward to October, hoping it will cool down. Here in Oklahoma, it's still been warm, though we had a couple of short stints of cool days this last month.

Susan said...

Enjoy that fall weather! I'm interested in your flowers you're going to overwinter in the house. I have a couple of geraniums I'm going to do that with this winter too.

Auntie M said...

Looks like 'down home' to me.

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