Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Storing Provisions in Summer, Part Two

A few of my summer blooms:

Growing your own plants from seeds is much easier once the weather is warm enough to keep them outside. I planted some more tomatoes, okra and cucumbers and placed them in a sheltered area, where I could water them and monitor their progress. They will be planted in the garden to replace other plants that have either finished producing or died. The Tomatoes are another heirloom variety called, "Box Car Willie". The good thing about having a long growing season is being able to grow plants from April until October.

These tomatoes are ripening on the counter and will be either eaten, canned or frozen.

A bucket of zuccini, peas and eggplants.

Over the weekend I froze 10 pint bags of peas. In the South these are called Field Peas.

Ready for blanching:

Wow, its July 6th already! Hope your summer is going well.


Rita said...

Yum! Everything is so straight from the garden fresh. With lots of vitamins and minerals because they don't endure the shipping process. It is a beautiful day here though it is hot. Have a good one.

Impera_Magna said...

Nature's summer bounty... so wonderful!

Auntie M said...

Oh, Golly, Debbie! Those field peas are so lovely. I cannot find them up here; therefore, there is a tad of jealousy here. In our growing up years, we planted, picked, shelled (and snapped), and
froze a lot of these yummy veggies.

We are freezing corn today - bought 8 doz. from our strawberry

Pen Pen said...

So, you've been shelling peas? You ARE a busy lady! Everything looks yummy and I wish we had a thriving garden this year.. but we don't. Hubby went to a friend's house yesterday and came home with two tomatoes and a huge bag of cucumbers. I love generous friends! :o)

ancient one said...

No ripe tomatoes yet at my house. We've had fresh corn, squash and cukes. Our gardens do worse every year. Glad there is a foodlion and piggly wiggly near by. LOL

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