Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Blooming Tuesday

Today is Blooming Tuesday at Mrs. Green Thumb Jean's Blog.

My hubby made this huge bouquet of crepe myrtle blossoms. Wouldn't several of these be pretty sitting around at a casual outdoor party, such as a cook out?

My hubby also made these two teacup bird feeders for me. I love them!

Here is part of the process of making the china cup bird feeders. My hubby found the things needed to make them at a local hardware store. I bought the china cup and saucers at a thrift store last fall.

A bouquet of Zinnias on the kitchen table.

This is the Mandevilla that I overwintered this past year. You may remember it as the plant that kept trying to get outside at the dining room window. Its come a long way. I hope I can keep it through another winter.

These are wild petunias. I wish all the plants in my yard fared as well as these do. I don't do anything to help them, yet they grow and grow, happy as can be.

On the eastern side of our yard are cotton fields, as far as you can see. They are just beginning to bloom.

Can't wait until late fall, when the whole field will be covered in white cotton, just like snow.


daisy g said...

I never thought to put crape myrtle cuttings in a vase! Lovely!

Darla said...

You have a great husband! Love, love the wild petunias!

Granny said...

Those are beautiful blossoms. I love the teacup birdfeeders.

Diana LaMarre said...

There is nothing quite like a zinnia bouquet on the table in the summer. So pretty.

What a sweet husband to make the cute tea cups feeders!

Rosemary said...

Enjoyed my visit to your blog, lovely flowers and a very handy hubbie. Like the idea of making teacup bird feeders. Never seen cotton bloom very pretty blossom.
Made me smile at the little guy loving fresh fruit and veggies , smart little guy.

Susannah said...

I have never seen cotton growing so this was so interesting to me. Thanks.

I love the bouquet of zinnias. We grow them every year. Your husband did a great job on the tea cups and saucers. All the flowers at your house are beautiful.


Auntie M said...

Never saw a crape myrtle bouquet.
Shall we take some to Reunion?

I love all of this blog! The zinnia bouquet, the tiny bird feeders, the wild petunias all are special.

Six more china cups and saucers are coming your way.

Becca's Dirt said...

Love the teacup feeders. I have some cups I've been meaning to do something with. Love the container of gorgeous crepe myrtle.

Carol said...

Love the teacup feeders! Your post reminded me that I have cotton plants in little pots that need to be put in the ground :( I grow them for fun with the grandkids and for crafts. Hope they still have time to make buds and blooms this year...Forgot all about them .

Jean said...

The Crape Myrtle and zinnia both make beautiful bouquets!Loved seeing the cotton bloom. Jean

Rhonda said...

Pretty flowers!

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I read this post yesterday, but don't remember if I left a comment. I enjoyed seeing your blooms and tea cup feeders. You have a nice hubby.

Unknown said...

What an awesome husband! And the crepe myrtle idea is so clever. I have those all around and have never thought to make a bouquet.

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