Monday, June 27, 2011

Farmhouse Decorating and Decluttering

One of the easiest and definitely the most frugal way to redecorate a room is to declutter it. I spent the majority of the day on Saturday decluttering and cleaning our bedroom. This meant I needed to work in the closet as well, because some things in the bedroom needed to be moved there. I cleaned underneath all the furniture, except for one that was too heavy for me to move. I plan to clean under it soon.

A white, summer weight blanket helped to lighten up the room. The colors of pink and brown in the room come from the quilt which is the inspiration piece. In the summer we remove the quilt at night, but when Fall comes, all we need to do is pull the quilt up over us.

The vintage chair was in the kitchen, but I think it looks nice here.

The painting on the mantel was inherited by my hubby. It was painted by a deceased family member. The colors in the roses and the frame go with the pink and brown colors in the room. The little white rabbit was made by my hubby's mother who did a lot of ceramics many years ago.

Do you see the painted over crack on the wall. These walls are made of plaster, which is one reason you don't see a lot of pictures and things on the wall. I do think it gives the room character, though.

Inside the fireplace is our wicker, fabric lined laundry basket.

I removed all the "junque" that was on my dresser and made this runner. Then I added the flameless candle, pictures and silk flower arrangement. These things were already in the room, I just rearranged them. Before, I had jewelry, perfume, a basket of nail polish and other assorted clutter on there. It was not attractive and made it hard to dust.

I have been saving this little bird's nest that the wind blew into the yard. Those "eggs" are marbles that I found in the yard too.

I had enough fabric left from making the runner to make the small pillow on the bed.

The Fan may not be pretty, but its a necessity! At least its small and a nice color!

A vase of pink Zinnias and the first Crape Myrtle blossom of the year.

In Flylady style, I am choosing a room and then concentrating on it until its clean, decluttered and decorated. I have a little more to do in the bedroom and the bedroom closet needs a Saturday of work too!


Rita said...

Such nice ideas. Had not thought of a flameless candle for the bedroom but I sure will now. So pretty. My bedroom needs decluttering too. Your bedroom looks so tidy and welcoming.

Auntie M said...

SUPERB!!! I need you to spend a week or two at our house!!! It is so pretty, Debbie.

Pen Pen said...

Your bedroom is so pretty! I love the "new" touches and I, too, have a fan in my bedroom. Yours looks a lot better than ours... mine is gray, sits on the floor, and is covered in dust. LOL

Denise said...

Looks very clean and welcoming.

Impera_Magna said...

You did a great job decluttering and decorating! WTG...

Mrs. E said...

Hi Debbie,
How pretty. I love a clean simple look. I have been doing a bit of decluttering in our home too.
Have a wonderful day.
Mrs. E

Susannah said...

OOOOHHHH...I love CLEAN! And your room even smells clean, I'll bet! Everything looks so nice.

You are inspiring me to get going!

Rhonda said...

I like all your rearranging and fixing-up - it looks good! :)

Joyful said...

The room looks nice and fresh. Can you come over and do mine ?;-)

Rose Mary said...

The room looks wonderful~I love the old fireplace and the crack in the wall is perfect! Pink and brown are so pretty together--I was looking at curtains that color just yesterday.

I need to do the same to our room--its 'clutter' is starting to take over!

Granny said...

Your room looks so fresh and inviting. I love the idea of the flameless candle.

Lori Harris said...

Mama this looks awesome!

Ms. L said...

Everything looks so clean and pretty, Debbie.

Could you send me a small box of some of your energy? :)