Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bloom Where You Are Planted

I snapped this picture on the way out the back door of my office this week.

I am always amazed when I see a plant growing in the most adverse of places! Why is it that its so hard to grow flowers and vegetables due to lack of rain, too much wind or other conditions, but a weed can grow in a place like this?

This reminded me of a post I did a year and a half ago and thought was worth reading again:

Plants are like people. Sometimes they grow and thrive even though they are planted in unlikely places. I know, like me, you've seen beautiful flowers growing in the summer time in the tiny amount of soil in the crack of a sidewalk. This is really one of God's little surprises for us which we can often find if we'll just keep our eyes and hearts open.

So what are some ways to bloom where you are planted? Here are a few I can recall just from yesterday:

1. Dealing with grouchy people on the telephone? Be sweet. You might be the only person they have talked to lately who isn't a grouch back! Honestly, at my office people will call us to ask for the phone number of our competitors! I will usually look the number up for them and give it to them. You never know what's behind this. Maybe they can't read well enough to find the number or don't have a phonebook. I want everyone to be kind to my family members in situations like that, so I try to be nice to people, who don't always deserve it.

Remember this scripture: Hebrews 13:2 “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares."

2. Exasperated by the long line at the grocery store or post office? It will NOT do you one bit of good to let it make you mad! Life will go on.... even if it is delayed a few minutes while waiting in a line! And that little old lady clerk at the counter... could use a few kind words.

And who knows what disaster you may have missed by being delayed a few minutes. Many people were saved from the 911 disaster because they missed the train, stopped to buy something at the drugstore or were sick. We will NEVER know, in this life, the ways God has protected us. I'd rather be waiting in line at the Post Office that involved in a car wreck!

3. Family members didn't wipe their feet and there is a lot of dirt on your floors? :o) Might as well sweep it up and get over it! The day may come when you would love to have that dirt as a reminder of their presence, but they won't be there because of what ever life sends your way.

I realize that these are just day to day inconveniences. I am blessed that I live in America, have a good job, a comfortable home, plenty of food, and loved ones who love me. So many people in the world are REALLY planted in places and circumstances that are very hard for blooming!

So did God plant you in your current situation, like he does the beautiful wildflowers growing under adverse conditions? Its something to think about. If He planted you there, he can also move you to a better situation just as easily.

Have a great Thursday!


Granny said...

What a great post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I especially like #3. Have a great day.

Sportsgirl said...

A nice reminder that we can always find good in a less-than-perfect situation :-)

Pen Pen said...

I love this post... I know some people who seem to be angry over EVERYTHING. They love to "flex their muscles" and make people feel bad. I just don't get them. I try to be kind to everyone!

Auntie M said...

what a good post.

Rhonda said...

This saying has been my "theme" for many years now, as we moved away from my home town to the neighboring state. I still love my "hometown," but God has been gracious to help me "bloom" in a new place as well. :)

ancient one said...

But, there is grass growing in the huge cracks on HWY 102... like every few feet..

I really got the message of your post. And I guess I can put up with our horrible road until the state can come and fix it. LOL

Have a great day, Debbie!!

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