Monday, May 30, 2011

Celebrating Thanksgiving on Memorial Day

I know its a little unusual, but we cooked turkey, dressing and giblet gravy this Memorial Day Weekend.

The turkey was bought at 39cents a pound and had been sitting in the freezer taking up valuable space. Cooking turkey takes planning and since I was off work for a few days the plan was to put the turkey in the fridge to thaw earlier last week and then to cook said freezer space thief over the weekend. So Saturday I cooked the turkey.

After much discussion, it was decided that we could have dressing with the turkey. If we were going to do Thanksgiving, we might as well do it right! I had cornbread stuffing mix and the other ingredients needed on hand to make Mama's dressing recipe. I cannot express to you in words how delicious the dressing was! I have helped Mama make it at her house at Thanksgiving, but never on my own at my house. It turned out every bit as good as Mama's. I'm sure no one wants to know how to make it in May or June, but maybe I'll post the recipe in November.

Have you ever seen sliced boiled eggs in giblet gravy? My hubby's mother made it that way when he was growing up, so I tried to duplicate her recipe. It was pretty good.

It may be May 30th, but I am still as thankful as I would be in November for all our many blessings. I am thankful for all the men and women who died for our country, not just on Memorial day, but all year long. Being spared during the recent tornado outbreaks is a blessing indeed. My list of blessings is long.

Eating a thanksgiving Meal on Memorial Day isn't such a bad idea after all!


Impera_Magna said...

Yum! Turkey and dressing is always good any ole time!

Pen Pen said...

oh, debbie! my mouth is watering!! the dressing/stuffing looks delicious and yes, we put eggs in our gravy too!

Susan said...

My husband would love to have pumpkin pie more than just at Thanksgiving, and at the camp we go to here in Canada, the pastor's wife has Turkey Tuesday every year. She fixes turkey and all the trimmings for the kids - they look forward to it every year!

I remember both my grandmothers putting boiled eggs in their giblet gravy. I don't like giblet gravy, though.

Sounds like a great way to celebrate Memorial Day! ;)

Auntie M said...

Yes. Mama did put sliced hard cooked eggs in giblet gravy, and so do I! Yours looks wonderful.
Any day is a good day for giblet gravy and good dressing, whether there is turkey or not.

Did you do any more sewing on Monday?

Eileen said...

My (southern) mother always made giblet gravy with boiled eggs in it. We are many generations native Floridian, so just goes to show you :)

Eileen said...

And I have a question - what do ya'll call your mother?

When we were little, it was "mama". But as we grew older, we call her "mother". My yankee daughter-in-law laughs about that. She thinks we are being so formal!

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