Thursday, April 7, 2011

White Dishes and Other Things I Like

I have noticed that the beginnings of a collection of certain things happens without my even realizing it. Then I will take the idea and run with it. These are the humble beginnings of a collection of white dishes.

This interesting looking dish was found at a flea market/junk store type place recently for $2.00. I like the design and its cute to serve cookies, a small cake or other foods on. I thought about hanging it on the wall, but its kind of heavy, so I think I'll just display it on a shelf and use it for a serving piece.

My 82 year old aunt who lives in another state, far, far away, (Illinois), sent me this white bowl as a house warming gift. It looks pretty sitting on the table and can hold fruit and other things.

This leaf shaped bowl was given to me by a good friend who passed away a couple of years ago. I always think of her when I use it. It, too, has a very unique design.

This plate is very old and adds a sort of shabby chic looking touch to the dining room. I like it with the thrift store picture. The shape of the dish mimics the design of the dishes in the picture.

Other things I like that I may or may not collect are: chicken stuff, sunflower stuff, cookbooks, plants of all kinds, FABRIC (!), cup and saucer sets, wind chimes, rocks for flower beds, quilting books, unique thrift store plates, and more!

You have to be careful not to let collections take over in the house! It does help though if the collection is something you can actually use, like these white dishes. I do not need another collection to dust around. All of these will go into the dishwasher when they are dusty!


Anonymous said...

Very pretty. Collections are fun especially when you find things thrifting. I collect teapots, clear glass creamers, Pyrex and clear glass cake plates. Thanks for sharing.

Granny said...

I like white dishes, especially the fruit bowl. It's smart to have a collection you can actually use.

Pen Pen said...

I like crisp white dishes, too. (I only have one...LOL) And the great thing is that they will go with anything! :o) I have started "cleaning out" again, so I am trying to stay away from the thrift stores... or at least limit myself to books. (found some good ones this week!)

Denise said...

I'm like you I like most of my collections to be things I use, instead of "dust collectors". I love my salt glazed pottery, I have mostly newer stuff but I would like to get my hands on some older stuff.

ancient one said...

Those white dishes are pretty. I'm kinda' looking for some intersting looking green and white saucers. Just a few to hang up in my kitchen. The search is more thrilling than the find sometimes. LOL

Rose Mary said...

Very pretty dishes! I especially like the platter on the wall with the picture. I have started really thinking about my flea market purchases--knowing where and how I'll use them. My kitchen can't hold much more!

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