Wednesday, March 9, 2011

This week's frugal tip

My frugal tip today is to look around the house to see if you have what you need or if you can make do with what you have before rushing out to buy something.

I've got the Spring Cleaning bug and decided to buy a Swiffer floor cleaner to use on our wooden floors here at the farmhouse. My plan was to make my own washable covers instead of using the disposable ones and I actually went to the store and bought one. I was very disappointed when I opened it to discover that one of the pieces was missing which would make my swiffer too short for even my grandson to use! Obviously this will be returned to the store.

Then I remembered that I already have a much better floor cleaning tool that came with me from my previous home that was especially made for using on hard wood floors I even have a bottle of the concentrate floor cleaner. You combine 2 capfuls with water in a spray bottle, spray a small amount on the floor and then mop with the mopping tool.

I also have 2 washable terry cloth covers for the mopping tool and if needed a piece of scrap towel or an old dishtowel and be safety pinned on there too.

It even folds flat for storage.

I don't know what I was thinking when I bought a Swiffer!

Are any of you doing any Spring cleaning yet?


Granny said...

A great tip Debbie. It looks like your floor cleaning tool has a larger cleaning head than the swiffer. That would mean less time cleaning the floor. I have a swiffer that I've had since they first came out. I make my own dusting cloths from scrap fleece and use a piece of an old towel for mopping the floor. I can't see buying the disposable cloths.

Mary Ann said...

I borrowed a Swiffer from a friend to see if I would like it and I didn't. Too short (I am average height) and seemed like it would bend and break under any kind of pressure.

I am looking for something that will get up all the dog hair, though!

I've been doing a lot of decluttering and organizing. Want to start spring cleaning soon!

Pen Pen said...

Love this tool... I have a swiffer and I'm always out of swiffer cloths! I like the idea of making my own. I may try it out with leftover flannel today.

Auntie M said...

Good blog, Debbie. Have been meaning to ask what you use on your wooden floors. You know that we have just had natural maple installed in the living room/dining room. I cannot use my vacumn cleaner because of the beater bar which would mar the surface of the wood finish.

Have used the swiffer one time. It did not get all the dust. Can you post the name of the cleaner which you diluted to use on your floor?

Alexandra said...

That's a really nice conversion! It reminds me of my Libman microfiber mop. It has a washable cleaning head. They are really hard to find. I got mine years ago at Walgreens.

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,
This is my goal for Lent. Use what I have first. It is amazing what we have at home we can use.

ancient one said...

I have never had a swiffer... where did you get the thing you are using? I watched the girls cleaning at the hospital.. they had a wet pad thing that they threw on the floor and the handle thing reminds me of yours but not as wide and longer...they placed it on the wet pad and cleaned away... they made it look easy...

Ms. L said...

You are saving yourself a bit of money! I find that it always is a good thing to use what I have on hand first, if possible. I also returned a few things to the store this week. Just didn't need them. :)

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