Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Little Early Springiness

A neighbor friend using his tractor to prepare the soil for our small kitchen garden. We want to grow tomatoes, peppers, squash, peas, okra and cucumbers.

My Christmas cactus is still blooming! They must thrive on neglect because last summer I paid it no attention at all.

These purple irises at my mother's house are already blooming.


Granny said...

Your christmas cactus is beautiful. My iris haven't started to come up yet this year. Maybe next week......

Terri said...

Everything looks beautiful with all the blooming. We have snow! Blech!!!!

Denise said...

It still amazes me that we have snow and it will be months before my iris' bloom and your mom's are in full bloom! Enjoy your spring, I know I will when mine truly arrives.


Pen Pen said...

so pretty... I'm ready to get our garden started, too! Funny that the cactus thrives on neglect. :o)

Auntie M said...

Hooray for your kitchen garden!

My christmas cactus did not bloom at all this year. It is healthy
but no blooms.

Our crocus are gone, daffodils and
periwinkle in full bloom. By next week, the azaleas and dogwoods should be in full bloom. We put out 40 bales of pine needles yesterday. Then, it rained. All looks fresh and clean!

Have a great weekend.

Akehia said...

I love the Christmas cactus! I can't wait to get my warm crops started. Will you be growing from seed? I have so many seeds, but ever year, I get too anxious and just buy plants. I want some homegrown tomatoes soooon!

ancient one said...

I'm with Akehia... I want some homegrown tomatoes now...LOL

Loved seeing all your blooming things... I've seen some white Irises blooming but no purple yet... Burn plant (aloe) and snake plant do good with neglect, also.

I am so ready to plant some flowers but think I need to wait until the middle of April..

Rhonda said...

Enjoyed your post - Irises are my favorite. Those are a really pretty purple color!

Sheri said...

Do you keep your Christmas cactus in a south facing window or other?