Sunday, February 20, 2011

The magic of a few scraps.

It was a very satisfying weekend of sewing, even though there was much busyness going on that was totally unrelated to sewing and quilting. People do have to buy groceries, do laundry and other things on the weekend besides sewing, I suppose.

I had such a good time making the ECU pillow case for Friday Night Sew In that I didn't want the fun to end, so I pulled out some scraps left from making this quilt for my grandson a couple of years ago,

Made a matching pillowcase,

With rickrack trim,

And bought one of these pillows from Dollar General to go inside the pillowcase. I tried to convince my grandson that sleeping with this special pillow and pillow case would make him brave when he wakes up in the middle of the night. Apparently he doesn't share my belief in the magic of scraps, but he liked the pillow and pillow case anyway.

The picnic quilt sandwich is ready for pinning on the sewing room floor. This will be my project for the next couple of nights and then on to machine quilting what I hope to be many different designs.

We delivered the quilted walker caddy to our housebound friend who was very pleased with it. It looked very neat and fit securely on the font bar of the walker with velcro.

Using fabric scraps to make useful gifts for others is an important part of satisfaction in sewing for me. Each of these three projects were made with scraps and I feel they will be useful to the persons who receive them. Its a very special gift when it is sewn with love and the magic of a few scraps.


Rhonda said...

I am a very non-cartoon person but Spiderman appeals to even me with that cute rick-rack.
It is hard for some little guys to be brave alone in bed, but way too soon, he will be heading off to college or bootcamp and the dark won't bother him a bit.

Pen Pen said...

You had a great weekend of sewing. Love little man's new pillow and pillow case! What a cute idea!!

Auntie M said...

What a super, fruitful weekend, Debbie! I am anxious to see the various patterns you quilt on the
picnic quilt.

You really are utilizing your various scraps.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Debbie,
How pretty. You always do a wonderful job. Have a wonderful week.

Denise said...

You sure did get a lot squeezed into your weekend. I'm thinking I need to make some pillowcases to match my Civil War Quilts!

Impera_Magna said...

"Using fabric scraps to make useful gifts for others is an important part of satisfaction in sewing for me."

I feel exactly the same way... love the pillowcase and the walker caddy! Your picnic quilt top is looking good....

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