Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January On Frozen Pond and Some More Sewing

We are surrounded by ice. The snow underneath melted into the ground and left this huge chunk of slippery ice surrounding our home.

If you click on these pictures you will see that it is indeed ice. You can see the brown grass underneath it.

The bright spot in all of this frosty winter weather is that I have had some time to sew. Here is a table runner I made. If you look closely you can see the decorative stitch I was able to do, thanks to Big Brother, across the seam on each end.

I also diligently worked on the wedding gift quilt that is the oldest UFO in my sewing room. The quilt consists of 17 rows, with 17 blocks in each row. I already had three rows completed and had the 5 inch blocks cut out , so that made the sewing go faster. My goal was to make one row every hour all day while I was snow/ice bound. I'm not sure if I met that goal, since I needed to spend a couple of hours sewing the rows together. Heaven help me if I got the rows out of order, so I stopped every now and then to do that.

So the final outcome? I have completed 14 of the 17 rows, including the 3 I had already done. I am very pleased with that.

Here's the shocker! I sat down to look more closely at the pattern I was using from the November, 2008 Quick Quilts Magazine, and discovered the quilt in the magazine is a KING SIZE! I do not want this quilt to be that big, so I will need to make the borders much smaller or leave them off altogether. The borders in the magazine are 8 inches wide, so It won't be too hard to make them more narrow, maybe 4 inches. I will need to do some ciphering to make sure I make this quilt queen size.

Our plan for today is to get out of the house to go to work. The roads are in pretty good shape. Walking around might be a little tricky going from the house to the car and from the car to the office, but hopefully we can get through it without falling!


Granny said...

The table runner is really cute. I think you and Big Brother are going to get along great. :)

It sounds as if you are well on your way to finishing the wedding quilt.

I don't like ice, whether it's driving on it or walking on it. Hope you made it safely to work.

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,
The table runner is so beautiful. I don't like ice either. I know you would rather stay home today. I like to stay inside when it is cold too.
Hvae a simple day.

Pen Pen said...

Brother did a great job... love that decorative stitch. Your yard looks like an ice skating rink. Be careful!!!!

Rhonda said...

Wow that ice looks awful! Hope you can get around O.K. I like your table runner - that decorative stitch is a nice touch.

Joyful said...

That ice looks like water/flooding. I do hope you can drive on it.

Terry said...

Hi Debbie

I came across your blog, I love it,
I also live in NC, I love to sew,and hope to learn how to Quilt.


Rose Mary said...

Love the table runner. Wow, that ice looks...well, slick! Hope all went well when you ventured out on it.

Rhonda said...

Good morning, hope you made it to work OK with no falls, do be careful!

Yea for extra sewing time!

Mom2fur said...

King Size would fit my bed, LOL, but what a lot of sewing and cutting! I bet it will look just as nice without a border.
That ice is scary! I would never go out until it melted! (And I thought 18 inches on top of the previous 18 we had after Christmas was bad!)

Domestically Inclined said...

Hello Debbie, I haven't wandered over online to visit in awhile, and looks like you are not wandering out on that ice either. So glad you are prepared for the weather and have some time to enjoy sewing!

Terri said...

Hopefully, that ice has melted some since you posted this. It looks very dangerous!

I love the table runner! Very cute.

Rita said...

Sometimes when you don't get a chance to post I get to go back and read some of the older ones. Just enjoy that so much. So many creative ideas and ways to organize. Sure encourages me to do my best. Hope this day is a good one for you.

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