Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Some Etsy Shop Sewing

One of my goals for 2011 is to restock my Etsy Shop. I am avoiding the word, "resolution". If I consistently sew items on a regular basis, it will add up over time.

I know the weather outside is frightful, but it never hurts to plan ahead for sunnier days. I was able to make two clothespin bags for my Etsy Shop while enjoying being inside during our recent snow event.

This one is made from Debbie Mumm fabric with a coffee theme. The fabric trim on the opening is blue with little brown coffee beans on it. I think this fabric would make a cute apron too.

I guess I must be looking past the storm, since this is what my clothesline looked like Sunday!

Have a great Tuesday!


Granny J said...

Love the colors in the clothespin bag. I'm already starting on sewing and crocheting gifts for next Christmas. I figure that if I make one or two a month, by November I'll be ready to mail them to the kids and grandkids. You might even inspire me to try selling on Etsy.

Rita said...

Already you are preparing for the year ahead. You are such an inspiration. I love the coffee bean clothespin bag.

Pen Pen said...

I love the debi mumm fabric, too! The snow is wonderful .. did you have to go back to work yesterday? or did you get to stay home and sew?

Florrie said...

I love the chocolate/blue colour combination, it's one of my favourites.

I have started some organising of my own, not with recipes but fabrics I have in my work cupboard.
I'm hoping to do a few craft shows this year, so althought it is not quite January, I have to start thinking of sewing related projects with a Spring or Summer flavour. Your posts on organisation have inspired me to get moving and plan what I will be making.
florrie x

Susan said...

I love those colors! The blue with coffee beans is perfect. I'm going to the fabric store today to look around (I'm in a new town and just haven't had time to go looking yet!) and I may even stop by the little quilt shop I've been eyeing every time I drive past it. And I really want to focus on my Etsy shop this year too. I'm thinking about adding some sewn items to my cards and tags or even opening another shop for the sewn things. Not sure yet!

Terri said...

I love the chocolate brown and blue combination. It's beautiful. I've had mine that you sent me for almost two years and it's still in great shape. You do beautiful work, Debbie!

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