Friday, November 12, 2010

Need a Ride?

I have added two more blog lists to my side bar that may be of interest to some of you.

For the deal seekers among you, I have listed my favorite coupon and deal blogs. If you need to know what's on sale and what coupons are available to use in conjunction with the sales, I'm confident one of these blogs will fit the bill.

I have been slack (aka lazy) about using coupons lately and am feeling a coupon frame of mind coming on! During this time year the best deals can be found. I am still using grocery items bought last year right around Thanksgiving and Christmas.

For the sewing, quilting and crafting enthusiasts among you, I have listed some of my favorite crafty blogs.

So what ever mood I am in, crafting or couponing, I can always find inspiration somewhere on my blog and hope you will be inspired too.


Pen Pen said...

Last week Food Lion had flour on sale for $1.50 a bag. I bought two bags, as I don't use a lot of flour. I'm trying to look for bargains to do my Thanksgiving cooking with. I'm going to pick up my ham today!

Mom2fur said...

I haven't been slacking with coupons, I just don't need them so much because of my stockpile. After using so many, it seems weird to buy groceries and only use one or two. But lately I'm seeing diminished quantities of some things (like shampoo) so I think there will be a new upswing in my coupon use soon. Not to mention stocking up on things for the holidays!

Alyssa @ Kingdom First Mom said...

Thanks so much for having my blog in your sidebar! I do appreciate it. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,
This is too funny. I loved the rooster. My coupon use hasn't been many lately. The Sunday's paper this week has lots of them 3 books.
I love the new blog look.

Lyn said...

There sure are lots of deals out there right now, especially with the holidays coming. Thanks for sharing your list!

Florrie said...

What a shame I can't make use of your coupon sites.....never mind I can enjoy the lovely inspiring quilt blogs.
florrie x

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