Monday, November 8, 2010

A couple of finishes...

I finished up the two pink girlie projects I have been working on.

Sewing on the binding:

Finished quilt with label:

Quilted tote bag:

I also finished the little boy quilt... quilted and bound! Picture to come later.


Florrie said...

I love the way you've added a stitched panel to the front of the tote bag and the pretty label to the quilt, it makes them all the more special and unique.
It would be nice to see where you shop for your fabrics, you always seem to have such a lovely seletion, sometimes it's hard to find a good variety of fabrics in the UK, and I hate shopping online.
I'm a true believer in supporting the local economy, whether purchasing fabric or food.
florrie x

Elizabeth said...

Oh Debbie, How beautiful. You always do wonderful work.
Have a wonderful day.

Rhonda said...

Nice projects! I like your work room.

Denise said...

Bet it feels great to have those projects finished, whatcha gonna work on next??

Have a great day, Debbie :0)

Anonymous said...

As I have said before - you are amazing. Both projects are marvelous.

And, like Florrie, I wonder where you get your wonderful fabrics.
They always coordinate so well.

You are the most!!!


Joyful said...

That's a beautiful quilt. How do you get all the swirly lines on it? Do you get them from your sewing machine? How do you get them on a huge quilt or do you need a special industrial machine for that?

Pen Pen said...

Love them both... and love the label on the quilt. too cute!

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