Monday, October 4, 2010

Oh My, its Monday again....

It was very fall-like this weekend for the first weekend in October! Thank you Lord, it seems that the 90 degree days are gone and I am even more thankful that the heavy rains from last week are gone, as well.

Here's what I enjoyed over the weekend:

I spent some time helping my mother who is recuperating from a fall she took weekend before last. Nothing was broken, but her poor 85 year old body is so sore that she can hardly move.

Saturday, I finally made that clam chowder (chowda for Denise and Lyn) I have been talking about. The weather was "almost" cool, so it was enjoyed by all. It doesn't really go too well with clam chowder, but I also made ground beef nacho dip, served with tortilla chips. My guys and I watched an NC State Football game (Boo Hokies!) and enjoyed these fall foods while watching.

On Sunday we had as many of the kids as we could round up for Sunday lunch. The menu was: roast chicken, bbq pork chops, Veg-all casserole, baked sweet potatoes, mashed white potatoes, corn, biscuits and sweet tea.

On the sewing and crafting front: I continued hand quilting the Grandma quilt. I sold the little boy quilt that was in my Etsy Shop, and so made a personalized label with the baby's name, birthday, etc. and hand sewed it on the back. I also made another clothespin bag for my Etsy Shop. I want to restock the Etsy Shop, so am trying to work a little each day on items for that purpose.

I hope your Monday is nice!


Granny J said...

Good morning Debbie. It sounds like your weekend was a good one. It's always nice to have family over. I'm sure the new clothespin bag will go quickly. The colors are so pretty.

Terri said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. How is your Etsy shop going? Do you find that you sell quite a bit?

Denise said...

I would have been happy to be a NC fan for the weekend just to eat the yummy food you were serving, LOL.

Love the fabric you used for the clothespin bag.

Anonymous said...

You must tell Denise that we are not NC fans. We are NC State U fans. There is a large difference.

It was a terrific game. It simply turned in the last minutes. It was a perfect day for football.
Your menu did sound tasty.

Have a geat week.


Elizabeth said...

Hi Debbie,
You had a wonderful week end. I love my clothes pin bag you made me. I used it today and thought of you.
It is cooler here about 50-60. Puts me in a cooking mood. I baked pumpkin cupcakes today. :)
Have a blessed week.

Rhonda said...

good morning - I really like the brown and pink polka dots, I expect it will sell quickly

the only sewing going on here is hemming blue jeans for my son :(

Rhonda said...

Enjoyed your post!

Florrie said...

What pretty fabric and how nice to begin the week with a little sewing.
florrie x

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