Saturday, September 11, 2010

Free Motion Quilting Jitters

I always get nervous when I begin to machine quilt a project that I have worked on for months! I'm still learning and gaining experience as I go, so I wanted to get started on the right foot with my Summer of 2010 Nine Patch Quilt, which is only the second bed size quilt I have free motion quilted.

When I got home last night I cleaned and oiled my old Singer machine, replaced the needle and filled up 3 bobbins with the machine quilting thread I am trying for the first time.

Then I moved the machine so that it backed up to my cutting table and placed an old card table to the left of it to support the extra bulk of the quilt. This is essential to keep the weight of the quilt from dragging it away from the quilting area. Its also helpful to be able to spread out the quilted portions as you go.

So far, so good. I about to go make that first stitch! Pray for me!


Rita said...

Hi Debbie,
I will pray for you! You are brave. I would love to be able to free motion quilt but do not have the slightest idea where to begin. You are always doing something wonderful and I think.....wish I had done or could do that. :) Sure pray all goes well.

Anonymous said...

Like I said earlier, you are truly organized. I always keep you and yours in my prayers, but at this time I will especially pray that you have a clear mind, nimble fingers and strong thread!!! I just bet tht all will go well for you and that quilt.


Granny J said...

You will do a great job. I said a prayer for you just in case. ;)

ancient one said...

praying... it will all go well..

Elizabeth said...

Hi Debbie,
You are so brave. I will say prayers for you. I know you will do great. You always do.

Denise said...

I guess that I should stop being a fraidy cat to do the quilting on the baby quilt I'm working on! I am sure that it will look wonderful, you are such a great quilter. But as Granny J said I will say a prayer just in case, LOL.

Have a great weekend.

Sportsgirl said...

I feel the same way when I'm about to sew something I've just cut out. I'm still a beginner sewer so I think that's why. I wonder if I'll ever get over that feeling? :-D

Joyful said...

There is some good planning going into that quilt. I'm sure it going to look fabulous.

Pen Pen said... it's going? I'm sure it is absolutely beautiful!

theolde stone house said...

I have never done a full size quilt. Good for you. You've given me the inspiation to try. I've only done wall hangings and small pieces.

Saying a prayer all goes smoothly for you. My summer group did a bow tie this summer instead of the 9 patch. I think next summer I'll do the 9 patch again. I liked how it turned out much better.


Cathy said...

Wow..that may only be your second quilt...but it is BEAUTIFUL!!! Keep up the good work! I don't machine quilt except for straight stitch..and that isn't very good as you'll see on the one I'm working on for my grandson. But until I can find someone to show me it'll have to do. I also think I'd have to get a special foot for machine quilting? Do you use one of those round open feet?

Florrie said...

You are like one of those brave pioneer women, I'm sure nothing phases you and I'm confident in your ability to get the job done.....gosh I hope that didn't sound too British....I'm sure the quilting will go beautifully....I think I need everyone's good luck.....that darn blanket is proving a difficult little madam!

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