Saturday, July 3, 2010

Somewhere Over The Rainbow.....

Dreams really do come true.

Looking out my kitchen window early this morning:

Early morning.

It was almost cool this July morning after record breaking heat THE WHOLE MONTH of June.

The Four O'Clocks are still blooming.

My mother found the Topsy Turvey kits on clearance at Walmart and thought I should have one. She even furnished the tomato plant. Since we have a long growing season, maybe we will have tomatoes on it before it frosts in the fall!

Our other veggies:

My sweet daughter gave me two of her sweet potato vine tubers last fall. I planted them inside in pots. After the weather warmed up I moved them outside. Aren't they gorgeous?

The old fashioned Crape Myrtles are blooming.

I used the old clothesline that was here when we came. Ms. Albertha would approve!

Buttlerflies love Zinnias!

Remember all those Petunia plants I bought on clearance at Lowe?

Oregano, Marjoram, Petunia and Celosia planted in an old rusty enamelware pan. Drainage holes were no problem!

I was sneaking up on this "guard frog"!

Looking down the driveway


Self sown Impatiens

The bluebird of happiness? I think so!

Mr. Sunshine of the shade garden.

What a glorious summer morning!


Granny J said...

Thanks for the guided tour of your gardens. They're fabulous. You know I love the graniteware pan. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,
Thank for the tour. Reminds me of home.:) Are you sewing this week end? I have been cooking all morning. Have a Happy 4th.

Denise said...

Yes, thanks for the summer walk through your gardens. It's nice to see how things grow and mature as the summer progresses. Do the Crape Myrtles have a scent? They look beautiful lining the drive, love the worn path along the edge of the driveway, must be from walking to get the mail or maybe a pet dog, one of our dogs has worn a path to the side of the house and I don't think we will bother to reseed it. Enjoy the day.

Rhonda said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing the gorgeous photos! :) Glad to see the clothesline one - I LOVE using a clothesline.

Susan said...

Looking at your pictures was like taking a little break to sit down on the porch and look across the yard and fields! I enlarged a bunch of your pics and just pretended I was there! ;)

C. C. said...

Debbie, your garden and yard are absolutely gorgeous! I bet you are happy out there in your new home. Are you enjoying your new double oven? I was at Lowe's the other day and saw one and thought of you and hoped you were enjoying it. Funny how blogland works, isn't it! We think of one another and get to know people we have never even met...neat!

C. C.

p.s. my secret word is "minti" which goes right along with your garden post! hee hee

Deborah said...

How lovely!

dining sets said...

You know what I really love about your blog? The photos of plants and flowers. I am having a good time staying on your blog by looking on all of those photos. They are all beautiful and amazing.

~~Deby said...

OH these are inviting pictures..I loved them and could almost visualize myself being there...very restful...thank you for sharing..I think this is my first time here ???...I came from Elizabeths....I will be a follower to be sure.

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