Friday, July 2, 2010

My Store Deals of the Week

Good Friday Morning! I am super excited that I will have a four (yes I said 4!) day weekend. As Elizabeth said in a comment this week, there will be lots of sewing going on! In fact I started last night. Pictures will be coming soon to a blog near you!

This week's deals:


I was very interested in the Picture Movie DVD Extra Bucks offer that CVS has going on this week through Saturday. The DVD is on sale for $9.99 and you get $9.99 extra bucks. On Tuesday, since I am not an extremely technical person, I went into the store to inquire as to how it works. I was hoping it could be done online, but it turned out that you come into the store and insert the little disc from your camera, or a memory stick, etc. into the Kodak machine and make your own picture movie.

I decided to come back later in the week when I was more prepared and had time to make the movie. While there I scanned my CVS card and got a $2.00 off Pantene Shampoo coupon. Right beside the machine on the end of the aisle were Pantene Shampoos on clearance for 50% off. These Pantene Shampoos were on sale because the bottle design has been changed recently and these were the old design. That's the only reason they were on sale. So after the coupon the price of the shampoo was only 49 cents.

I remembered to bring in my reusable shopping bag with the CVS green tag on it and what do you know? It was the 4th time in a row that I had used it so I got a $1.00 extra buck. After extra bucks, I made 51 cents on this trip.

Then I went back yesterday to make my movie. I was limited to what was on the camera disc that hadn't been deleted, since I don't have a memory stick. I plan to get one, but didn't have one at the time. Luckily, I leave old pictures on the camera disc, especially if they are pictures I like. So I proceeded to make my picture movie DVD with no real plan, just using what was there.

I LOVE IT!!!!! You get to choose your background music and I chose Pacobel Canon D. I named it 2010 Magical Memories. The 60 pictures I was able to use on the DVD are from the last few weeks spent at my old home and pictures taken at the farmhouse. I could look at this for hours. It is wonderful and I would highly recommend that you take advantage of this deal.

I scanned my card before paying and got a bonus $1.00 extra buck! I already had enough extra bucks to roll so I only paid the sales tax and still got the $9.99 extra bucks coupon for my next deal.

In addition, if you look at the bottom of your receipt it will tell you if you have reached the limit of each deal. I saw that the Energy Bars are still on sale for 99 cents and are generating 99 cents extra bucks. So I spent $10.98, plus tax, paid with extra bucks, except for the tax and got back $10.98 in extra bucks.

As a side note my laptop has the movie maker feature on it and for the cost of a DVD I can make my own movie dvds with music and everything. Just gotta figure out how to do it!


There were some free after Register Rewards deals at Walgreens this week, but I was late in going over there and my store was sold out of some of them.

I was able to get the pair of Aloe Infused socks for $3.00, which generated $3.00 in Register Rewards. These will go in my gift closet for a stocking stuffer!!! Of course, I paid for them with the Register Rewards from last week.

Food Lion:

Don't forget to scan your MVP card before shopping. You never know what deal you might get. I love to get a coupon for something that's already on sale. It happens!

I haven't made my trip to Food Lion yet this week, but these are some things I'm thinking about buying:

Boneless Chicken Breasts on sale for $1.77 per pound

Capri Sun 10 pack (for grandson) on sale for $2.07. Use the Food Lion $2.00 off coupon found Here. Final cost 7 cents.

Breyer's Ice Cream on sale for $2.50 with 75 cents off coupon

Scottie's Tissues on sale for 94 cents each with a 50 cents off 3 coupon. Remember that Buy One Get One free items at Food Lion ring up half price, so you can buy just one if you want to. With this deal I can buy 3 and use the coupon and each one will ring up half price.

Sweet Deals Promo - Buy 5 items and get $5.00 instantly. 5 Cool Whip = $5.00, so would be free. BUT, do I really need 5 cool whips? Probably not! But there are other items you might be able to use.

Kraft Promo: Buy 5 bags of shredded cheese at $2.50 each, earn $5.00 off instantly. Cheese has a long fridge shelf life or it can be frozen, so this would be something I could use. I need to crunch numbers to see if its really that good of a deal and also to see if there are any coupons.

But there are many other Kraft items included in this deal that you might find useful in this promotion and would be worth checking into.

For a GREAT list of the Food Lion deals with coupon matches go HERE.

I will carefully make my grocery list so that the items I buy will complement what I've got in the pantry. Many of the items in the pantry are only good for using in recipes, so I need to figure out what else might be needed to make a special dish!


Denise said...

I love hearing about your deals, it encourages me to keep on trucking with the couponing, etc. I used to keep a book that told how much I saved each month and it was fun to track, but extra work that I'm not sure I want to waste "quilting" time to monitor! We made a movie on our laptop for our youngest son's graduation party and played it on the TV during the party, it was great but don't try to do it the night before! You can pick different songs, and lots of other neat features. I bet it would be fun for a child's birthday party.

Anonymous said...

It looks like I wish I had a Food Lion in my neck of the woods! Your doing great with your couponing. I still haven't got on the band wagon with that yet. I forgot to pick up a paper Sunday!

I will be looking forward to your sewing pics. Have a wonderful long weekend!


Granny J said...

Don't you love it when they pay you to shop at their store? You got some great deals. I need to get started with the CVS deals. There are four within five miles of me.

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