Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Laundry Chores at the Farmhouse

Since doing laundry is an important part of homemaking, I thought I would share with you how I do my laundry chores. This is what my cheerful little laundry room looks like on an average Saturday morning with piles of sorted laundry all over the floor. I have some ideas for decorating it, but for now it serves its purpose as it is. I enjoy looking out the window while folding laundry.

The laundry room also serves as a half bath and the place the hot water heater is installed. There is a potty behind the door (blushing) and the small window.

My hubby had this shelf installed for me for storing my cleaning supplies. You can see my stockpile of laundry detergents. I only buy them if they are on sale for an unbeatable price and/or with a coupon. I'm not brand loyal as you can see. Our clothes don't get very dirty, so most any detergent will work for us.

I hang out some laundry when times allows. There are some things that do nicely on the clothesline, such as sheets, and certain types of clothing. I am trying to combine these things together in order to make good sized loads so that its worthwhile to hang them on the line, saving the electricity that each load would have used. Every little bit helps!

This is the first clothespin bag I ever made. Its quite different from the ones I now make that I sell in my Etsy Shop, but it works great.

A laundry drying rack comes in handy too. I like to sit mine over an A/C/Heat vent to multipurpose that electricity a little bit.

This decorative basket sits on the floor in our bedroom and is used as a dirty clothes hamper. I take it to the laundry room, dump it and return it to the bedroom. I have a more practical plastic rectangular laundry basket that holds the clothes I am hanging on the line and also the folded clothes from the dryer and the line. I use it to carry the folded clothes to our bedroom, stack the clothes on the bed in piles by type and my hubby and I then put away our own clothes.

Since I do use the dryer most of the time, I need fabric softener sheets. I find that 1/2 a sheet works just fine. These sheets are $1.00 for 40 at Dollar General. Sometimes I have found 50 for $1.00, but most of the time its 40. I have never found a name brand sheet that was this cheap, even if it was on sale and bought with a coupon. The difference in quality may be a hindrance to you, but for me its fine. You can always use a whole one if you think a particular load needs it. When my son did laundry at my house in the past, he would throw in 2 or 3 halves! :o)

Just cut them in half like this. By the way, scissors are a great tool to keep in the laundry room. They come in handy for cutting loose threads and strings, tags and also for cutting your fabric softener sheets in half.

I liked the picture on the box of the sleeping kitty so much I taped it onto the front of this old tupperware container to make a cute fabric softener sheet holder.

A couple of laundry room funnies:

1. After moving into the farmhouse I found myself scrubbing the inside of the toilet in the laundry room which had rust stains. The only way to clean it was to stick my hand into the water and scrub with a scrubber. I noticed that the water felt warm and got hotter each time I flushed it. The plumber has hooked up the hot water to the toilet!

2. I once had a friend who had 2 teenage stepsons. She did their laundry and took the folded piles of clothes to their room, very nicely placing them on their beds and asked them to put them away. She headed back to the laundry room and just as she entered it, she heard a "kerplunk". It was the stacks of clean clothes being thrown down the laundry chute to be washed again. It turns out they didn't want to put them away and this was how they tried to get out of it! Talk about lazy....

Hope you are enjoying the lazy days of summer!


Granny J said...

You have a nice sized laundry room. Ours is next to the kitchen and just big enough to hold the washer and dryer. The door going out back is through the laundry room also.

Nothing beats the scent of fresh sheets that have been dried on the line.

Lorie said...

Cute post Debbie. Love the laundry shoot one. Hate to admit, but have caught my son in very much the same thing. Needless to say he now does his own laundry. :)

Your laundry room is a nice one. I would love to have a window. Mine is a room in the basement that needs updating (someday) and when I feel closed in, I take the folding upstairs...to gaze out the window.

Have a great day.

Rhonda said...

good morning Debbie
Oh my about the plumber hooking up the hot water to the toilet - so glad you discovered it.
and I like that sleeping kitty too, I may have to stop at a Dollar General. I've been shopping at Family Dollar last week as they had a $5 off 25 coupon.

The Working Home Keeper said...

I have fond memories of playing under the clothes line as my Momma hung clothes out to dry. I thought about putting one up in our backyard since we don't have a HOA.

Hope y'all had a wonderful 4th!

Mary Ellen

Rhonda said...

I enjoyed seeing about your laundry and laundry room! Laundry is my absolutely favorite chore. I even worked in a commercial laundry (did hospital laundry mostly) and would work there again. :) I also enjoy using a clothesline and have a couple of drying racks. The next thing I want to make for a sewing project is a clothespin bag of some kind. I like yours. :) Enjoyed the funny stories.

Rita said...

I sure like your homemaking tips. I'm going to grab up that extra pair of scissors that I have and take them to my laundry room. I like your drying rack too. My daughter has one and I use my shower rod. :) But a rack would be very nice. My laundry room isn't quite big enough for one but I'm sure I can fine a spot.
Hey Debbie, my cute country apple clothes pin bag came today. It is made so well that I hung it on a peg right as I come in the front door. It is near the kitchen where a use an apple theme. Thank you for getting it to me so quickly.

Debbie J said...

Hi Rita, I didn't realize that was you!!! Thanks so much for your order and I hope you enjoy it!

I really don't have enough room in my laundry room for the rack either. It's in the way, if anyone needs to "go" in there. But, I like putting it over the vent.

I'm definitely going to use my clothesline more this summer now that I've gotten back into a routine with it.

Debbie J.

Lyn said...

I love your laundry room with the small bathroom attached inside there too. That's a really practical thing - you never know when you need a sink or a toilet. I think it's great!

Alexandra said...

Nice laundry room! My W/D is in the garage which really needs to be painted and fixed up. Our next house will have a proper laundry room.

tipper said...

Neat tip about cutting the sheets in half.

For the boys who dropped their clothes-now that is lazy : )

Just stumbled onto your blog-looking for a recipe-I enjoyed my visit!

Sheila said...

I love your laundry room. We had a laundry room/half bath combo in military housing one time. I loved it--it was so convenient. I've been after my husband to put up a clothesline but we have so many birds around here that I'm not sure it would be a good idea. Thanks for all the tips you share here.

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