Tuesday, July 27, 2010

$5.00 CVS Challenge

I love the idea of seeing how much value you can get for $5.00 at CVS and Walgreens. Alyssa of Kingdom First Mom hosts these challenges every Sunday. Here's what I got at CVS for close to $5.00 his week:

I started with $2.00 extra bucks and did not include tax.

Transaction #1:

Kotex U pads or Tampons $4.99, less $1.00 printable coupon, Extra Bucks earned $4.99
Dove 2 pack soap, $3.00, Extra Bucks earned $2.00

$6.99, less the $2.00 EBs I had on hand means I spent $4.99 out of pocket and earned $6.99 extra bucks.

Transaction #2:

Maxwell House Coffee(I buy the 1/2 caffeine), buy one get one free. ($5.19). Paid with the $4.99 extra buck from transaction #1, for 20 cents out of pocket. They had this same deal last week and I bought 2 cans of coffee for the price of one and also used a $1.00 coupon.

I still have $2.00 extra bucks for next week!


Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,
When I went to CVS my OP was 1 cent. LOL What a big transaction. LOL I got the felmale products too for the church. That was a great deal. I love your mama's bag.
Have a wonderful day. I posted on My Simple Place some pictures of the new house.

Denise said...

Love it when I get great deals like that at CVS, that is one of the ways that I like to stock my pantry. Great that your mom is using her new bag, I know how set my mom gets with some of her things.

Lyn said...

Hi Debbie, that is a great deal. Good for you! I had read it myself on that blog and am thinking of doing it too. I think one can potentially get a lot with even a small start-up at CVS. That's the beauty of extra care bucks.

Rhonda said...

way to play the game and I would be doing it too - I've got a CVS card but have to go 60 miles to shop.
Hope you keep on getting great deals.

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