Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Strike While the Iron is Hot

Since this blog is dedicated to homemaking, I thought I'd occasionally post a homemaking tip.

Today's tip:

If you are doing any sewing at all, you know the iron is hot a lot! My ironing board and iron stay set up all the time in my sewing room. So, any time the iron has been turned on for pressing some sewing projects, I try to iron at least one item of clothing. This way the hot iron is put to additional use, while its hot, and just ironing one item of clothing at a time helps to keep the ironing pile monster under control. No marathon ironing sessions for me!


Rhonda said...

Good idea! I hope someday to have a setup where I can leave an ironing board and iron out all the time. :)

Rita said...

I sure enjoy your blog. I need encouragement to keep moving and your blog fits me just right. I like your ironing idea. I loved the play mat. As soon as I find fabric on sale I will make one too. It is just precious and watching your grandson play with it is priceless. You have the best ideas. I get things ready for a project but don't always complete the project. So your blog is helping me move right along. Lately before I go to bed each night I grab a large handful of papers and most of it I throw away. The stacks are dwindling thanks to you and your cleaver way of doing a bit when you can. Have a great day!

Denise said...

Great tip, that's what I like about a sewing room you can leave the iron set up all the time!

Debbie J said...

Thanks Rhonda, Rita and Denise!

To Rita, thanks for the encouraging comments! I was feeling a little sad because of the lack of interest in the Thomas the Train playmat post with the pictures of my grandson, but you gave me some incentive to keep working at my blog posting. :o)

Elizabeth said...

Hi Debbie,
I keep my ironing board up too when I am sewing. Today I have lots of ironing to do.Great idea.

Lyn said...

I know I don't always get to reply on every post, but I thought the playmat was adorable and of course every picture of your grandson is adorable too. I'm lucky if I have just a handful of readers/posters right now so you are doing well! :)

About the ironing (that's a good idea by the way) - do you mean the elves really don't come out at night to do those things for us? Darn it!

Over40 said...

I hate real ironing, but don't mind if it's for a quilt so I'll trying your tip and see if it works for me! thanks.

Sabine said...

I loved your playmat, too.

I also try to do a little ironing whenever I press something for a sewing project. It is so nice to be able to have an ironing board set up all the time. I use mine for folding laundry, too, because it's easy on my back.

Debbie J said...

Thank you so much for the good words to Elizabeth, Lyn, Over40 and Sabine! I appreciate it.