Friday, June 25, 2010

My Food Lion Deals For This Week

****Don't forget to scan your MVP card at the front of the store before starting your shopping! Some of the coupons that have printed out for me were for products that were on sale at the same time. Many of the coupons have to be used the same day, but there are some on the sheet that expire at later dates. Unless these items are on sale at a good price the day I get them, I file them in my coupon organizer for possible use at a later date.

****I have found that the Food Lion Coupons that come in my Food Lion Email Newsletter may not be for items on sale that particular week, but the item is often put on sale before the coupon expires. So hold on to them until the expiration dates.

*** This weeks store coupons from my Food Lion newsletter can be found HERE.

These were the best deals at Food Lion that I saw for my family this week and these are good until midnight on Tuesday, the 29th.

Red Baron Pizzas, Buy One Get One Free. A $1.00 coupon printed out at the machine at the front!

French's Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce - 2 for $3.00. I used 2 $1.00 coupons so the final cost was 50 cents each.

Food Lion brand Cheese on Wheat crackers (these are actually made by Lance and taste the same as the ones Lance used to sell) $1.99. I used the $2.00 off 2 packages coupon from my Email newsletter, (see link for the coupons above), so these ended up being 99 cents a box. That's only 13 cents for each individual package of crackers. These are great to put in with a lunch at work for my hubby and for snacks.

Kraft BBQ sauce - Buy one get one free, The bonus size in the traditional flavor is included so you get two large bottles for $1.75, or 88 cents each.

Buy 2 boxes of select varieties of cereal, and get a 64 oz carton of Food Lion orange juice free. We don't eat a lot of cereal at my house, but cereal is great to donate to the Church food pantry. Also a $1.00 off any two Kelloggs cereals printed from the machine at the front! Corn Pops were 2 for $5.00, less the $1.00 Coupon. So I got 2 boxes of cereal for the Church food pantry and a carton of orange juice for us for a total of $4.00.

I also bought some 93% lean hamburger that is on sale and will buy a whole chicken that is on sale for 99 cents a pound this weekend to roast in the crock pot.

Happy Shopping!


Deborah said...

A Gooseberry Patch coupon organizer is on the way to our house! It will encourage me to use and save coupons.
Going to Walmart and chucking stuff in the basket has turned out to be an expensive way to shop!
Your blog is very encouraging to me!
Off to check out your quilting blog!

Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Hi Debbie,
Thanks for these info. Deb, I haven't even had a chance to read the sales this week, I am still canning. lol.
Enjoy your weekend.

Lyn said...

Wonderful job! I looked for the French's dipping mustard and WM was out when I shopped. I'd love to know how that product is.

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,
You did good. I got a couple really sweet deals at Randalls this week.This waiting to move is the pits. LOL I had to unpack my sewing today. LOL

Pen Pen said...

I studied my Food Lion paper yesterday and plan to make a trip today. I have signed up for the newsletter twice, and for some reason, I never get it in my email. It's not in my junk folder either... hmmm... can't figure. I have never swiped the coupon machine, but will try to remember to do it today!

Florrie said...

You are so organized. Here in the UK supermarkets send out personalised money-off vouchers based on the products you usually buy, they also run loyalty reward card schemes....I once did my whole Christmas shop(gifts included) by saving my reward card is made pretty easy, if it wasn't I dont think I would do as well as you do...well done!

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