Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Frugal Summer Meal

Its that time of summer when squash are abundant! We love them cooked several ways. Here are some squash being cooked in preparation for a squash casserole. I had checked the pantry before grocery shopping this week and noticed I had all the ingredients needed for the squash casserole and my mother gives me bags of squash regularly.

Saturday morning's Food Lion grocery trip yielded a package of these three boneless beef ribs for $4. I brought them straight home from the store and browned them on each side in a little oil,

put them in a small baking dish with some bbq sauce bought on sale for 99 cents on them, covered it with foil and slow cooked them in the oven on a very low temperature for a couple of hours.

This meal of bbq beef ribs, squash casserole and leftover beans was very good and very low cost.

I plan to cook more meals using what's already in my pantry this week as well. There's no point in stocking up on sale items bought with coupons if I'm not going to put them to use!

By the way, don't forget to check my other blog, ANGELSCRAPS QUILTING. I have been posting some quilty things over there this week!


Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,
We are eating our way through the kitchen too. I want to clean it out before we move. You know how taht is. :) Your meal looks so yummy.

Denise said...

Looks yummy, could you share your recipe for the squash? I always feel great when I can go several days without stopping at the store and only using stuff from the pantry, freezer or refrigerator. With better planning I know I could do better, maybe that could be a my next challenge that becomes a habit!

Lyn said...

That looks delish, Debbie. I just love down-home cooking. So good!

Rhonda said...

I just found your website - this meal looks really good! I'm going to enjoy "catching up" on your posts.

Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Hi Deb,
Thanks for the reminder about using what's in my pantry, My squash is coming off too but mother and I are canning it as soon as we pick it. lol. I have been hankering for some squash casserole though lately. Your whole meal looks delicious.

Pen Pen said...

Looks yummy... I love squash casserole. That's what I plan to do with my next "batch" of squash.

Mom2fur said...

I made my ribs that way (except I started on the barbecue) for Memorial Day and I'll never do them any other way again. They were soooo good.
Your whole dinner looks amazingly delicious!

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