Friday, June 4, 2010

An Early Morning Delight!

The farmhouse Four O'clocks surprised me yesterday morning with their first bloom. I thought Four O'clocks were supposed to open at 4 or 5 O'clock in the afternoon, not at 4 A.M.!

The story behind these plants:

I have been on a quest to have lots of old fashioned plants in the yard and I remembered my paternal grandmother had a large four O'clock bush. I remember exactly where it was and that I collected seeds from it. So I bought some seeds and have started my own plants.

Meanwhile, in the front porch flower bed, a mysterious plant was growing. I wasn't sure if it was a weed or a plant, so I left it alone and watered it. I actually almost pulled it up last week because I had decided it must be a weed.

Well, as you've probably figured out by now the mystery plant is a Four O'clock, so now I should have plenty of them, in all stages of growth!


Denise said...

I don't suppose Four O'Clock is hardy for the Northeast (Zone 4)?

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,
I enjoy seeing all the flowers at the farmhouse.

Pen Pen said...

How sweet! You will have lots of four o'clocks to remind you of your grandmother and to beautify your farmhouse!

Heidi said...

I have never seen this plant before. It is pretty and makes me think of morning glories. I too love old fashioned plants. I am excited as we are moving in the autumn and I get to design a new garden although I am going to be sad to leave this tiny one I created here.

Hugs from Holland ~

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