Thursday, June 24, 2010

101!!!! Oh No!

Its a heat wave! Our temperature is supposed to break the 100 degree mark today.

I won't be outside in the heat, but here are some pictures of the outdoors to look at from the comfort of your home!

The first Zinnias of the summer:

New baby aloe plants popping up!

Gerbera Daisies:

The pots of Impatiens that self sewed themselves:

The farmhouse mailbox with a pot of Petunias at the base:

This miniature rose had 25 blooms on it! The guard frog is watching for strangers:

The Portulaca (Moss Rose) that reseeded itself:

A view of the front porch:

The yellow Four O'clocks:

Stay cool!


Denise said...

Hope you can stay cool. We've been spoiled so far, one or two days of hot humid stuff than a break which is due to arrive this afternoon.

luvtodecorate said...

Pretty flowers! I think we will be getting a break from the heat next week.

The Working Home Keeper said...

How lovely Debbie!

Mary Ellen

Peggy said...

What beautiful flowers! We have had plenty of unusually high humidity so far this year with our share of T-storms here in Indiana but thankfully we haven't hit 100 yet!

I love the pictures of all your flowers! And apparently we have 4 o'clocks also! We moved here in February and really had no idea what flowers were planted around the house. Some I recognized but others have been a mystery such as the 4 o'clocks. Do they spread? Flower over a long period of time? They have been flowering pretty regularly for a while which has been nice.

Try and keep cool!!

Elizabeth said...

Oh Debbie I so understand. The heat index here has been 104. I melt when I go outside. I just love all your beautiful flowers. Your new shell looks so cozy.:)

Pen Pen said...

It is HOT, isn't it? Your porch is absolutely gorgeous and I"m envious of your green thumb. Everything is so pretty!!!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Beautiful flowers. Your home is gorgeous, and I love that wonderful porch. Hugs, Marty

Terri said...

Everything looks beautiful. I wish we lived closer so you could teach me a thing or two about flowers. I need a Flowers for Dummies book! ;-)

Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Loved the flowers Debbie, Your flowers are thriving, so beautifully during this heat. Well wouldn't you know we are going to be over 100 today. Humm, I wonder if we live close by each other. lol.
Hugs, Sue

Lyn said...

Your yard and flowers look amazing - one cannot tell you are having 100 degree weather there!

Rhonda said...

pretty flowers - I am guessing you are watering them most everyday with these high temps.

it has not got to 100 in OK but it is plenty hot at 96.

and your guard frog is doing a good job

Rhonda said...

Pretty flowers! They're all nice, but I'm kind of partial to the moss roses. :)

susan said...

Debbie - All your flowers look so happy and beautiful; you must truly have a green thumb! I moved to Southern CA a couple of years ago and although I miss my hometown , family and friends in Pennsylvania I do not miss the hot/hazy/humid days of summer! Stay cool.

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