Friday, May 14, 2010

Yard Art and Furniture

My hubby surprised me with some goodies for our yard for Mother's Day. He discovered that a builder who lives down the road was making benches, swings, birdhouses, and the like, to sell, just in time for Mother's Day. The house building market is slow right now, so he is supplementing his income this way.

I was so surprised to come home Saturday to find these things had been delivered!

This table will serve many purposes, one of which is to be a potting table. The birdhouses are easy to install. They fit down on a 4X4 post. I am thinking about creating a new flower bed with both of the birdhouses in it. One will be installed about 18 inches higher than the other one.

I love this bench. I have lots of ideas for its use in the landscape of the yard. It would be very cute sitting in front of the birdhouses in the new flower bed.

And the Swing! It sits in the shade of the trees beside the herb/shade garden. A nice place to sip some of that iced tea with mint leaves in it.


Rhonda said...

very nice things - your hubby has good taste
I am sure you will have lots of nice relaxing times in that wonderful swing!

I hope you are enjoying your new home

Pen Pen said...

what wonderful things for your yard! Your hubby did a great job! The bird houses are so sweet and you are really going to enjoy your potting table... and all those lazy afternoons in the swing! I can tell you are really enjoying setting up your new home!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

What a great gift and I know you will really enjoy all of them. DH is a super guy and a keeper. Hugs, Marty

Yolanda said...

Very nice!

Lyn said...

Such pretty things to add to your new yard. I hope you enjoy them!

dining room tables said...

I like the swing you have there in your yard. I missed the country suddenly and all the happenings there.

Anonymous said...

What super Mother's Day gifts! He is really a keeper! And so are the numerous pieces of outdoor furnishings and decor.

We know that you two will continue to enjoy this place.


Mary Ann said...

I especially like the swing. I'd love to while away the hours on it.;-)

What a sweet man to get those things for you!

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