Monday, May 17, 2010

A Weekend in May, 2010

Its so wonderful that this morning its raining and I think it rained most of the night. We have only had a trace of rain since we moved here 6 weeks ago! We don't know where our rain gauge is, so I don't know how much rain fell. The forecast today is for more showers all day. I'm really happy about that.

We are finally beginning to put some finishing touches on the house and are settling in. We have put up faux wood plantation blinds in some of the rooms. The windows are an odd size. Some are 26 inches wide, some are 26 1/4 inches wide and some are 26 1/8 inches wide. The basic blinds come in 27 inch size, so they won't fit. Thankfully Lowes will cut blinds to fit your windows, so I am doing 2 or 3 at the time and dh is hanging them as I get them.

We have been planning to have a yardsale and decided Thursday night to go ahead and do it Saturday without advertising. It was really hot Saturday and there wasn't that much business at the yardsale. I decided to see if any of the clothespin bags that were in my Etsy Shop would sell. One bag did sell, but wouldn't you know it.... Within a few minutes of selling it, I checked my email and found that the same bag had been sold!!! Luckily, I had exactly enough of the fabrics and ribbon left over to make another identical one.

So I made my first project in the new sewing room yesterday afternoon. You can see the bag laying on the cutting table in the picture above, which also shows the blinds I was talking about. I guess one of the hazards of moving is not being able to find things. I can't find my favorite pair of small scissors and the clear 18 inch x 2 inch ruler that I use all the time when sewing. I know they are in there somewhere!!!

While waiting for customers at the yardsale, I worked in the yard! I accomplished alot in the bed beneath the row of crape myrtles located on one side of the house. I am slowly raking and weeding that area as I can. I found several plants that I didn't know were there. Some are iris, yarrow, canna, primroses, and more. They aren't very big and need some tlc to become the healthy plants they were meant to be. Years of being covered with leaves, sticks and weeds have taken their toll. But, I am giving them the care they need to hopefully be beautiful.

Its hard to believe its already Monday morning again! Have a great day!


Pen Pen said...

Love your blinds... I would like to switch over to those in my house! Wouldn't you know you would sell the very bag that you just sold at the yard sale? LOL And as far as all those wonderful flower finds, you are the perfect person to restore those little plants. Mrs. Albertha is smiling down on you right now. :o)

Susan said...

I love plantation shutters! I have done the same thing with my Etsy shop - have something listed that I either had and sold or gave away, or that I hadn't made yet but would be easy to do, and then someone buys it in my shop and I have to go make the same thing - at the most inconvenient time! I think I've broken myself of that habit. I'm having a real block right now on things for my Etsy shop, though, so nothing is selling because nothing new is going in.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Debbie,
It was fun to talk to you over the week end. It is so good to see you back in the sewing room. Enjoy sewing.

Mom2fur said...

Wow, those are some small windows! I bet they give the rooms a cute 'cottage' feel.
Hope you find your scissors and anything else you're missing, LOL!

Thanks for visiting my blog. We're all very excited about Patrick's arrival in July!

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