Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sewing Machine Maintenance

I took this picture of my sewing machine corner this morning. Yes, according to the clock in the picture it was a little after 6:00 A.M.

I'm not very diligent at maintaining my machine. There a few reasons for this. The main reason is that I don't like to stop my sewing long enough to do it. Secondly, I'm always afraid I'll oil the machine and then the next project I sew may get oil on it. Finally, I'm never really sure where I'm supposed to put the drops of sewing machine oil because my machine is old and I don't have the instruction book that came with it. Its a Singer and I'm pretty sure I could order the instruction book from the Singer Company on line. I really need to do that.

But, since I couldn't even remember when my machine was serviced last, and it was beginning to run really rough, I decided I better take care of this chore.

While being snowbound on Monday, I opened up the machine by taking the top off and by lifting it up and looking underneath. I put drops of oil everywhere there were moving parts. When I turned the wheel I would look to see what was moving and I oiled the joints.

I also cleaned all of the lint that had accumulated underneath the machine and around the bobbin and needle area. I got out the vacuum hose and vacuumed out all the lint I could and used a long quilting pin to pick out any small pieces of lint that would not come out any other way.

Finally, I replaced the needle, which I don't do nearly often enough either.

I'm sure the machine could benefit from a "real servicing" from my local sewing machine dealer. But, my machine is built into a cabinet and its no easy task to get this whole thing to the store for servicing. I'm also sure its only a matter of time before the belts will need replacing because one of them felt "thin". I sure would be upset if one weekend when I was happily sewing, perhaps even snowed in, and the belt broke! I would be one mad lady. So, I really should take it on in and get it over with!

After I did my own "servicing" of the machine, you would not believe how much better the machine runs! It now sews so smoothly and sounds so much better, especially when free motion quilting, which I think puts a strain on the machine.

Does anyone have any hints for sewing machine maintenance?


DarcyLee said...

I just love your little sewing area. I would probably sew more if I had everything where it's supposed to go and in a more inviting area.

I received a new machine as a birthday gift this year so I haven't had to do much with it so far. I was really bad about maintaining my old one though. It still works and I would like to give it to my daughter to use but I should look it over and do some cleaning and oiling. Thanks for the reminder!

Pen Pen said...

Well, let me admit to you that I have never had my machine serviced... I've never oiled it... or anything. Now I feel so guilty. LOL I've thought about it a few times. My machine sews pretty good, I think.... but I might even be amazed at how well it sews if I take better care of it, huh?

Yolanda said...

I got a big smile out of this. Yes, it is important to clean and oil your machine. If you are concerned about the oil, just make sure you don't use more than a drop or two at each point. Do get the manual. If you clean and oil it once a month (or more often if you use it a LOT), you really should not need to have it professionally serviced. My main machine, though, is a newer Janome, and you can't service it yourself. You have to take it to a dealer. That is annoying. My other machine is an old treadle machine and I can do it all myself! Those were the days... Love your sewing corner!

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