Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Barn in Winter

I wrote a post on this blog in September of 2009 about the old tobacco barn located in my backyard HERE.

I took this beautiful picture of "The Barn" early this morning after a rare eastern North Carolina snowfall. What a difference a few months make!

The barn in Winter:

The barn in early Autumn:

My friend tried the Persimmon Seed weather forecast you can read about here:
Persimmon Seed Weather Forecast and this FARMERS ALMANAC ARTICLE If you read the articles, you will see that a spoon shaped seed means lots of snow and that's exactly what the experiment my friend did showed. The spoon represents a snow shovel, I guess.

Out our front door:

I hope to do some more snow day sewing today. Maybe I'll post some pictures of some finished projects later today.

Have a great day, whether you have snow or not!


Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoy another day of sewing!

I'm late in commenting but I loved your post on "Bloom Where You Are Planted".

You always have such a nice outlook on life.


Pen Pen said...

Everything is so pretty with the snow... and that NC State flag really "pops" against the white background. Your barn pic's are so pretty... you should frame one for each season.

Janet, said...

I love old barns, and that one is so neat looking, in the snow and in the sun.

happeningswithLana said...

Years ago we had a customer that would bring the Persimmon into the bank and cut it so we could see what the winter was to bring!

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