Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Two More to Go!!!

I made the flannel Camouflage Stocking for my son last night. So, I hope to make one more stocking tonight (Appalachian State) and the last one tomorrow night (Spiderman).

I have purchased some old-fashioned candies for the stockings, but need to think of some other inexpensive items.

Happy Tuesday!


Pen Pen said...

good job! they are all so cute, each with their own personality! We had our Christmas with our kids last night. No stockings, but we had goody bags. Believe it or not, the men were thrilled with those little packages of tuna salad and crackers in the little boxes. (big lots)

Heather said...

they look great Debbie! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas :)

Mrs. White said...

Very creative. Beautiful job!

Mrs. White in Vermont
at The Legacy of Home

Peggy said...

I love you stockings! We refurbished some of our stockings last year to complement the personalities of our boys as well!

Have you thought of including an assortment of nuts? I like to add packages of sweet and spicy nuts to our stockings plus the candies. We also always have either a navel orange or a tangarine in there as well.

Wow, I just realized we are going to be around a Big Lot again! Woo hoo, how exciting! (we live wayyyy out in the sticks right now!!)

Carrie said...

These stockings that you are making are so cute! It makes me want to make some for my family. :-)

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