Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Toile Christmas Stocking

Today is Whatcha Working One Wednesday at Leslie's Blog, My Country Home, so here's what I've been working on lately:

1. Toile Christmas Stocking.

Yes, I worked on a new Christmas Stocking on Labor Day! A friend gave me a box full of nice hardback Christmas idea books. I looked through them and several toile items caught my eye. I have been planning to make new Christmas stockings for my family because the ones they had been using were beginning to look bad, especially a couple that were over 20 years old.

I decided to make the stocking on the spur of the moment and just happened to have a scrap of black and white toile. I looked through my other scraps, which I had organized a few months ago, and found the perfect black and white plaid flannel for the cuff. This flannel was salvaged from a piece of my husband's clothing. Then I looked through my button jar and found an "Old Navy" button that used to be on a wool coat that belonged to my daughter. So I have claimed this stocking for my own since it has some sentimental value to me.

I went through my Christmas fabrics, also organized a while back, and put together several other combinations of plaids, prints, corduroys, etc. to make 7 more stockings.

This is the first stocking I've made. Its lined and is a lot like making a lined pocketbook. When I make another stocking, I hope to take pictures for a tutorial for this blog. Would anyone be interested in a tutorial for making this stocking?

2. If you saw my post yesterday, you've already seen the other project I worked on over the weekend, a new fall pocketbook. Here it is in progress:

Finished project:

3. Spiderman Quilt: I finished the hand quilting last night! Now I just need to remove all the quilting lines that were put on with a water soluble pen, make the binding and sew it on.

So what have you been working on lately?


Leslie said...

Very nice stocking! Making them really shouldn't be hard..I wonder why I didn't just do that? The ones we have I bought at the Dollar General a few years ago and they're kind of country looking. Better than what we did have, which was a mix of sorts.

Nice looking bag, too. I guess It's probably time for me to find new fabric and make a new one, too :)


Susan said...

That stocking is gorgeous! I used to hate toile, but I began to reconsider that a few months ago and now I love it. I'd definitely be interested in the instructions!

Nanci said...

I really love this combination of toile and plaid. I love a mix of "polished" and country! I think it just gives an item that unexpected twist that makes it something special. I never would have considered black and white for a Christmas stocking, but I am definitely drawn to this.

Labor Day must have been the day for sewing; I was sewing a project as well. LOL

Nancy Jo said...

Well the stocking is adorable and the red purse is too. Wish I could sew that good.
Nancy Jo

Janet, said...

the stocking is beautiful! I've made stockings before, I also have a stash of material that I use for making things. Every fall I get in the sewing/crafting mood.

Terri said...

I love the stocking and yes, I would love a tutorial!

Anonymous said...

Yes, please show us how you made the stocking. I've been looking for a pattern to make some for Christmas gifts. Any help would be great!

Pen Pen said...

Oh my... the stocking is beautiful. Love the toile fabric. I recently picked up four blue and white toile napkins from the thrift store... I have nothing that color... but they were too pretty not to buy. (see how addicted I am?)

Lesa said...

That is absolutely my favorite Christmas stocking EVER! Wow. Great job. Love it.

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