Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Slice of My Life

Wishing you a fine country morning!

1. I am continuing to save Coke Rewards Points. No, I don't drink that many Diet Cokes, although I do drink my fair share. I am able to save the points from the 12 pack cardboard cartons we have at my work place. That's one of the many small perks my employer provides... free drinks and snacks. Yes... all the Diet Cokes, regular Cokes, Dr. Peppers, Mountain Dews, Water, and Lance Nabs, cookies, etc. that I want. My hubby also saves all the lids that he can from his workplace.

So, yesterday I was able to purchase with my points two new magazine subscriptions that I think I will enjoy: Country Living and Fitness. I am looking forward to receiving these magazines in about 4 to 6 weeks!

2. I am also continuing to slowly accumulate Swagbucks points, Upromise money and small checks for doing surveys. I am thinking about redeeming my Swagbucks for Amazon Gift Cards. This seems to be the best deal to me. For 45 points you get a $5.00 Gift Card. I almost have enough to get two $5.00 gift cards, with basically no extra trouble. I just search through swagbucks all day while at work and when I get home if the need arises. I downloaded the Swagbuck toolbar and now my family is using it too.

3. My quilting before and after work is really going well!!! Last night while watching Dancing With The Stars, I put together the pieces needed for 12 more blocks on the Cozy Cabins quilt I have been working on. Cozy Cabins is the name of the pattern, but I will be coming up with a name for this quilt soon. I realized yesterday that its almost been a year since I first started planning to make it, so I think its about time that I made a little progress!

As a result of organizing the pattern pieces ahead of time, this morning I sewed together three blocks in just a few minutes. Tonight I want to sew three more blocks, as well as cut out some pieces for more blocks.

I hope you are having a good week so far! Its almost the weekend!!!!!


Pen Pen said...

Sounds like you are plugging away and winning the race! I have GOT to check out the swagbucks thing... and how awesome that you are getting two free magazines. As much diet pepsi as I drink, I should be able to get something for FREE!

Anonymous said...

Good suggestions. What are swagbucks?


Alexandra said...

Can't wait to see your quilt! :)

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