Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Time Management Tip - "While You Are At It"

Good Morning!

I think its a Southern term, but we often say we'll do something "while we are at it". This means while we are doing something we'll go ahead and do something else or do an extra good job. For example, "While I am at it", (folding clothes), I will go ahead and put them away.

Here are some ways to put this into use:

1. Never go up or down stairs, or from one end of your house to the other, without bringing something with you. If I can remember to do this, I can accomplish lots of little things without ANY extra time. Before going upstairs, I will glance to see if some folded laundry or hanging clothes need to go upstairs to a closet. Before coming downstairs I glance to see if there are enough dirty clothes that need to go down to the washing machine to start a new load. That also goes for trash, water glasses or any item that's not where it belongs. I am putting this idea to work in the bedroom this week. Every time I leave the room I look to see if there is something I can get out of there to its appropriate place.

2. Sometimes getting things done is just a matter of DOING it. So "while you are at it" means just do it. If you are walking across the floor barefoot, like I always do, and feel dirt on the floor, GET THE BROOM AND JUST GO AHEAD AND SWEEP. I have been known to go put on flip flops just so I won't feel the dirt. :o) If you are passing through an area and see items that are out of place, grab them and take them to the right place, "while you are at it". Did you spill lasagna on the oven door while taking it out? Well, wipe it off, "while you are at it".

3. If I am going to do a job, I might as well do it well, "while I am at it". I know, I know, that sometimes its better to do a quickie job than none at all. For me its better to concentrate on one area, doing a little each day if there's no time, until the job is done well. This week I am working in the bedroom, so yesterday morning I tackled dusting one section of the room. This only took about 5 or 10 minutes. When I got home, I worked my way around the room dusting and getting any cobwebs in corners. This morning, while I am in there getting dressed for work, I will do a little more. When the dusting is done, I will vacuum. I noticed the drawer where my earrings and necklaces are stored is in total disarray and I plan to put ice trays or other containers in there to organize that area. Soon the room will be done!

4. Don't put simple things off! They will multiply into a big job. Example: In the bedroom. I was leaving the room on my way to make coffee and the bed caught my eye. I thought, "while I'm at it, I might as well get that bed made up". It only took a couple of minutes and was one job out of the way. When I go back to get dressed, I can go ahead and start dusting or any other chore I wanted to get done before going to work this morning.

THIS WEEK'S PROGRESS ON THE LIST (see previous post):

1. I have made great progress quilting the Spiderman Quilt. I didn't feel well Sunday and so I stayed home all day. I worked on the quilt several hours while it poured rain. We had 5 inches of rain on Sunday! I also worked on the quilt for a while after work last night.

2. I made great progress in the bedroom and have dusted about 1/3 of it.

3. I did the deposit and the library books have been returned.

4. I made lasagna for supper (and wiped up the spill on the oven door!)

5. I swept the dirt from the kitchen floor as soon as I felt it with my bare feet.


1. I will continue to work in the bedroom a few minutes before and after work.

2. Supper has been planned (bbq chicken)

3. If its not too hot, I hope to walk at lunch.

4. Will continue to quilt Spiderman while watching tv.

5. I would like to cut out a Fall pocketbook.

How are you coming on your time management and/or lists this week? I'd love to hear!


Terri said...

I always try to multi-task because I agree with you. You can get so much more done that way!

Nanci said...

Very good reminiders, especially for me. We make our lives much simpler when we simply do things when we are in the area doing something else anyway.

BTW, I have grown up with the phrase "while you're at it" and now my kids hear those very same words from me. So apparently, Pennsylvania shares the phrase with y'all.

Anonymous said...

And, 'while I'm at it', I will commend you on your organization
skills and tenacity!!!!

We are working on getting ready for our long trip somewhat northwest, so I am doing a lot of 'while I'm at it' stuff.

Thank you for reminding me.

BTW, what kind of cake for this week's birthday guy?


Pen Pen said...

I am very easily distracted while walking through the house! I need to write out my goals too... I would probably get more done. I did clean out my laundry room yesterday... it was way over due! And "while I was at it," I changed out my embroidery frame and put the August block inside. :o)

Anonymous said...

Great reminders!

Does "while I'm at it", mean cooking supper at the same time I'm reading your blog? Probably not what you meant but you do always motivate me! :)


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